Ravi Zacharias on We Carrying Our Faith, rather Faith carrying us

On Fox News, while commenting on the power of prayer in the life of Alex Trebek, Ravi Zacharias said

“In the Christian world view, you have prayer as communion. You’re in a relationship with God and it’s a two-way street, and what prayer actually does, if you remember when Jesus was on His way to the cross, as He was kneeling before His father, and saying, ‘If it is Your way, is there any way for you to change this cup and take it from me, but not my will, Your will be done’.” 

“Prayer to me is not so much changing the will of God as much as allowing God to change His will within me so that I become a receptacle in order to be able to receive it. And in something like this if you’re a praying person before God, your faith in God will carry you,”

“If you’re not a praying person with God, you will have to carry your faith and you will get exhausted trying to bear the infinite. So that communion is a two-way relationship and that burden is lifted because God is within you enabling you to carry whatever it is you are looking into, I think it is very real.” 

The words of Ravi are true in the lives of millions of Christians who do not spend time in fellowship with God. They have to resort to cosmological argument and teleological argument etc to defend their faith. They have never experienced the true joy of spending time with Jesus in prayer and worship.

Let us try to take time to worship God and talk to God in prayer

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