Ministry News June, 2019

Dear brethren,

Warm greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for supporting our ministry as we reach out to the lost souls around the world with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. This month I preached on one of the biggest lies Satan every created: Darwinism. I traveled to Galapagos Islands and did some field research as I prepared this sermon. Please watch or listen to this message of Creation/Evolution by following these links:

Galapagos: Where Darwinism gets Destroyed (Video) 

Galapagos: Where Darwinism gets Destroyed (Audio) 

By God’s merciful provisions, our churches are growing in the truth of God. On 6/16/19, Bro. Vijaya Kumar, Bro. Sleeva Das, and Bro. G. Devadanam preached the gospel in Chakrayapalem. Please pray for the men and women who attended these meetings.


On 6/17/19, our sisters and brothers had a fasting prayer in Peravali palem. Bro. Devadanam ministerd the Word of God to them, who are mostly from Hindu background. Please pray for the growth of this church and the health of Bro.Rammohan Rao who has been taking care of this church for the last 40 years.



The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

In His service,

Paul Kattupalli MD

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