Boris Johnson said Islam kept Muslim world ‘literally centuries behind’ the West

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Boris Johnson’s comments caused an uproar in UK and other places.

He said Islam kept the Muslim world ‘literally centuries behind’ the West, a newly-unearthed essay shows.

The favorite to be Prime Minister made the comments in a 2007 essay in his book about the Roman empire, The Dream of Rome.

According to The Guardian, he wrote: “There must be something about Islam that indeed helps to explain why there was no rise of the bourgeoisie, no liberal capitalism and therefore no spread of democracy in the Muslim world.

“It is extraordinary to think that under the Roman/Byzantine empire, the city of Constantinople kept the candle of learning alight for a thousand years, and that under Ottoman rule, the first printing press was not seen in Istanbul until the middle of the nineteenth century.

“Something caused them to be literally centuries behind.”

Christianity enlightened the world. It was Christian Arabic scholars who translated Greek texts into Arabic and preserved the ancient Greek wisdom. However, the modern academia sold to the lie that Islam gave us ancient Greek wisdom when the Christians were wallowing in the darkness.

Boris rightly noted that after Muslim armies mercilessly slaughtered Christians in Constantinople and converted it into Istanbul, it was not able to build a printing press till the modern ages.

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