Atheism and Childless society in Europe

Read this great article by Rabbi Wein



One of the many consequences, perhaps an unintended one of the current progressive, leftist, socialist societies that comprise Europe and other places on the globe, and is visibly present in American society as well, is that of the disappearance of the importance of having children.

Europe generally is suffering from a decline in its indigenous population and of its growth in terms of population is because of mass migration from the Middle East and Africa. Cloaked in the piety of human compassion for refugees and escapees from failed nations, there is a strong economic reason as to why Europe has become a place of open borders and mass migration. Simply put, since the population of its countries no longer produces children in numbers sufficient to balance the death rate, these countries need to import people to perform the jobs and services necessary for the comfort and functioning of their societies and economies.

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