Furkan Khan Resigns

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NPR’s Furkhan Khan tweeted, ‘If Indians give up on Hinduism, they will also be solving most of their problems. What with all the piss drinking and dung worshipping’.

Insulting Hindus with such words like ‘piss drinking’ and ‘dung worshipping’ is not right. Hindu organizations responded well and Furkan Khan resigned. The Muslim scholars are used to attack Christians as ‘Cross worshippers’, ‘Pork eaters’, ‘Beer drinkers’ etc. You can attack Christians all day long, insult Lord Jesus Christ all day long, you won’t lose your job at any of our media outlets. But criticize Hinduism, you would be fired immediately. Furkan Khan probably thought she would not lose her job because religion is a free game in the West. But she had a rude awakening. You can only criticize Christianity, not all religions.

I am happy for this outcome. We should engage in discussing and even criticizing religious beliefs with respect and compassion. But insulting other religions with disparaging name calling should not be tolerated. Peace!

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