ISIS leader al-Baghdadi was found with Quran

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This week the world has heard the news that ISIS leader al-Baghdadi was killed by US intelligence forces. The confidant of al-Baghdadi who helped US forces in the capture told in an interview that the underground bunker of al-Baghdadi was filled with Quran and other Islamic religious texts.

You see, the left and media believe and make us believe that Quran has nothing to do with ISIS. But the truth is the doctrine of Caliphate, which ISIS and al-Baghdadi firmly believed, came directly from the Quran. It is an idea of taking the whole world by peaceful conversion to Islam or forceful invasion of Non-Islamic lands. al-Baghdadi killed himself with the belief that he was going to heaven because he did so much for the kingdom of Allah. The truth is he just entered eternal hell, devoid of God’s love and grace. Contrast that with the beauty of the New Testament. Lord Jesus offers us salvation by grace of God. It is not by our works but by the finished work of our Lord on the cross. It is the blood of Jesus which save us from our sins (1 John 1:7). We do not take this world by force like ISIS did try to take.

Let us hope our Muslim friends will see the truth of Jesus and accept Him as their Lord and Savior.


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