Candace Owens: Leftism, Atheism and Narcissism


Conservative commentator Candace Owens caused a political storm by tweeting, ‘Leftism, atheism, and narcissism are a packaged deal’. Some objected to her tweet with responses like, ‘I am an atheist right winger’.

There is a lot of truth in Candace’s observation. Present day leftism was born out of Marxism, a thoroughly atheistic philosophy. Marxism is about human progress without God. Atheism also engenders narcissism. ‘I have no God, I am my own God’, ‘I don’t need God’s morality, I can be a moral being without God’.

An atheist can be a conservative but conservative values did not come from atheism. They came from the Bible.

Also, we should realize that there can be no morality if God does not exist. There cannot be any ‘progress’ without God. For Americans, progress might mean having smart phones, cars, homes and quality health care. For Chinese, it might mean having social rest. For jihadis, it might mean enforcing sharia. We can never settle on what it means to have ‘progress’ if God does not exist.

Glory to Lord Jesus Christ. Peace!

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