God in the Garden; Christ on the Cross


He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.

Genesis 3:15

Owing to the fall through sin much changed in man’s life. The saddest aspect was the loss of his previously untroubled relationship with God. Then Adam and Eve hid from Him. They knew that they must die. God had previously told them so, should they disobey. Shouldn’t they have immediately confessed before God: “We are guilty of death; we have transgressed your commandment; we are sorry!?

But what happened? God was ahead of them: He did not leave them to their fate. He sought that fallen couple and first mentioned the consequence of their disobedience: death. But then He indicated the solution of that great problem.

God spoke to Satan of “the seed of the woman” who would bruise his head. That pointed to the Redeemer, God’s Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His atoning death on the cross is God’s loving response to the first man’s tragic fall. That shows us God’s heart. He had foreseen the hopelessness of our situation and had the solution ready.

God’s purpose is to make mankind happy, in complete contrast to Satan’s intentions, who has plunged people into misfortune and robbed them of their fellowship with God. For this reason, everyone needs to be led back to God, and there is only one way for that: the way via Calvary, where Christ underwent the judgment for all who believes in Him.

Through faith in Christ we receive not only salvation from eternal condemnation, but also a portion in God’s eternal riches in the glory of heaven. That is far more than our forefathers lost in the earthly paradise of Eden.

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