Ralph Drollinger: Corona is due to Gays and Lesbians

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Rev.Ralph Drollinger leads a weekly White House Bible study attended by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Housing & Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, among others. In his blog post, Drollinger wrote the United States is experiencing the forsaking wrath of God because of homosexuals, environmentalists, atheists and ‘depraved minds’. ‘The coronavirus could be a form of God’s cataclysmic wrath’. This could be ‘indicative of forsaking wrath is a proclivity toward lesbianism and homosexuality’

True, God is angry at the national sins America has been glorifying: fornication, adultery, pornography, homosexuality, gambling, abortion, atheism etc. But we shall remember God is angry at all sins at all times. Jesus said, ‘Unless you repent, you too will all perish’ (Luke 13:3).

When people died due to Pilate’s massacre and the fall of Siloam’s Tower in Jerusalem, it was thought they died because they were so sinful than the rest of the living. But Jesus told them that is not the case. Every sinner will perish if he or she does not repent.

People in NYC and Los Angeles glorifying homosexuality, people in New Orleans glorifying nudity in their Mardi Gras parades…we might say they are the sinners. But we shall remember every one is a sinner.

When we see huge trucks waiting to receive dead bodies from NYC hospital, when we see people struggling to breath, when we see people fighting over each other for tissue paper…folks, that is wages of sin. All sin from Adam and Eve right to every living individual in our time.

Every sinner is living on borrowed time. God is calling him or her to repent and come to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you are still unsaved, come to the cross, ask God for forgiveness and get saved through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. The only hope we can have is the hope through Christ.



Is God Judging America Today?

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