Ravi Zacharias starts chemotherapy


Prominent evangelist and apologist Ravi Zacharias had developed severe back pain during his trip to Sri Lanka. He had to return to USA and undergo back surgery, during which the doctor found a tumor in his sacrum.

Ravi wanted to return to the ministry as early as possible. Then the biopsy result came and revealed a malignant sarcoma. Ravi now headed to the famous cancer center in Texas to start his chemotherapy.

“Our doctors in Atlanta were concerned I couldn’t start treatment until fully healing from the back surgery. However, since then we have been able to consult with doctors at the renowned M.D. Anderson in Houston, Texas. Truly God did a miracle in getting me here, literally a day or two just before they had to close to treating any patients outside of Texas.”

He continues………

“Certainly, it is too soon to begin making plans to speak and travel—due to my treatment progress and the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus. But my doctors here are anxious to extend my active ministry and I believe God still has more for me to do. I will serve the Lord from here whether on my back or on my feet. I look forward to being back in his service. And as our team also serves the Lord with me, we will help to make this world a better place as God enables and by his grace.”

Let us continue to uphold Ravi in our prayers. Over the years many of his messages and books have informed and inspired me tremendously. I look forward to his recovery so that his continued ministry will be blessing for all of us.

God still has more for me….. like Ravi, let us also strive to do more for our Lord in the years ahead.

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