A Happy Moment & A Sad Departure

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Today I woke up celebrating my birthday. I thank the Lord that He gave this human existence, meaning and purpose. Then came the crushing news that Ravi ji departed this world forever.

When I was 16 years-old, my dad took me to Bangalore, India to a conference where Ravi Zacharias is the main speaker. Each night Ravi spoke with clarity, conviction and compassion. Ever since his messages made an indelible impression on my mind.

Later, when I was a resident physician in Lincoln Medical Center, New York City, I was struggling a lot to keep up with work and spiritual life. Ravi came to speak at Columbia University and he took a few minutes to talk to me and encourage me.

Millions of Christians like myself will miss Ravi for all his brilliance, compassion and the beauty of his person. May God comfort his family, friends and associates.

Now he is with the Lord whom he served so well.

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