New York Times attacks Evangelicals

Welcome back to Defenders Voice. This is Paul Kattupalli. Thank you for joining me today. In today’s segment I would like to share some thoughts on how New York Times responded to the killings of women at three massage centers by Robert Long, an evangelical Christian. 

   All Christians were shocked by these shootings because Christians believe in a God who asks his followers to love even their enemies. The individuals who were killed in Atlanta were not even Robert Long’s enemies. Statistically speaking Christians are the most peaceful people on the surface of this planet. Crabapple First Baptist Church, the church to which Robert Long,  belonged condemned his violence in strongest terms. 

This is a heinous crime antithetical to the message of Christ. But that is not enough for The New York Times and the other media. Christian Faith is being blamed for this killer’s actions. 

     They would not do this to the followers of any other religion. If a Muslim kills people, they will immediately declare that Islam has nothing to do with this terrorism.If a Buddhist kills people, they will immediately declare that Buddhism has nothing to do with this terrorism. But if a Christian commits a crime, they blame Christianity for it. 

    In today’s newspaper New York Times published an article linking this killer’s actions to Christian teachings on sexuality. They brought in several commentators to give their expert opinions. Each of these experts said, “I was raised in a Christian home. These Christians raise their kids in toxic teachings about human sexuality. Thankfully, I am out of that nonsense now”. So, basically these experts are apostates who left their former Christian Faith. Satan plucked them out for his service. They are devil’s useful idiots to bash Christians.

    One of them, Dr. Brad Onishi, an associate professor of religious studies at Skidmore College said, ‘I was born and brought up in a Christian home. My parents taught me the importance of sexual purity. When I was a teenager I would tear down any photos of women in bikinis from the magazines I would read. This evangelical culture teaches women to hate their bodies, as the source of temptation, and it teaches men to hate their minds, which lead them into lust and sexual immorality.” 

   When I read his words, I was shaking my head. This apostate was either intentionally misrepresenting Christians or he had no idea of what he was talking about. We don’t teach women to hate their bodies. Quite contrary, God honors women. 

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

                      1 Corinthians 6:19

Jesus honored women. Mary and Martha were his beloved female disciples. That was quite revolutionary because no serious religious teacher or philosopher would take women as their disciples. The first appearance of Jesus after his resurrection was to women. 

   When he was in this world, Lord Jesus talked about his body as the temple of God. Every person redeemed by the blood of Jesus is part of this temple. His body or her body is a temple of God. It is precious because it is bought with a price, the very blood of the Son of God.  We love God and we love our bodies because they are the temple of God. So, there is no truth in saying that we teach women to hate their bodies. 

Then he said we teach men to hate their minds. Nothing could be further from the truth. In Romans chapter 12, 

Apostle Paul says,

 “present your bodies as a living sacrifice, 

holy and acceptable to God, 

which is your spiritual worship. 

Do not be conformed to this world, 

but be transformed by the

 renewal of your mind”   Romans 12:1-2

    God is not asking me to hate my mind. He is asking me to renew my mind. We use our minds to the fullest when we renew them with the word of God. Then they criticized Dr.James Dobson for linking pornography and violence. His interview with Ted Bundy was mentioned. Ted Bundy was a serial killer and rapist who cannibalized some of his victims. I listened to the interview. At one point Ted Bundy clearly said that pornography played a key role in the loss of innocence and the criminalization of his mind. In India, sexual violence is exploding. It became the rape capital of the world. The Government of India found out there is a direct link to the use of internet pornography.

    You might say, it does not affect me. I never hurt anyone. Imagine you are drunk and driving on a highway. The policeman stopped you, found alcohol in your breath and said, you are under arrest for driving while intoxicated with alcohol. You might resist saying, ‘Hey, I have been drinking and driving for over 10 years. And I never caused an accident.’ The policeman would not let you go. He would arrest you anyway because you are not the reference point. Your subjectivity does not count because objective studies have shown that drunk driving is dangerous. In the same way, ‘I watch porn, I am doing fine’ is not a valid argument because objective studies shown people who watch pornography are more likely to devalue women, more likely to develop impotence, more likely to enagage in risky sexual behavior and more likely to contract sexually transmitted disease. 

   I found it in my own experience. I have patients from all walks of life. I treat many for sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia, gonorrhea and herpes. I found out that these infections are highest among the godless and lowest among the Christians who take their faith seriously. I have many Mennonite patients. I have yet to see a STI among them because they take their faith seriously. So, godliness protects both body and mind. It gives health to your body and peace to your mind. The New York Times is using this heinous crime in Atlanta to criticize Christian morality.  Instead of commending Christians, New York Times took this opportunity to mock them. I think that is shameful. 

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