Trump & Tucker Carlson attack Governor Asa Hutchinson

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Very good question. President Donald Trump wrote, 

“The lightweight RINO Governor of Arkansas, just vetoed a Bill that banned the CHEMICAL CASTRATION OF CHILDREN. ‘Bye-bye Asa,’ that’s the end of him!” 

         -President Donald Trump 

   The legislature in Arkansas wrote a bill banning doctors prescribing sex altering hormones and surgeries to children. The Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson vetoed the bill. 

   These issues spin my head. Where have we come? Where are we going? I thought culture wars are over with homosexuality and abortion. But that is not the case. When you remove God from your life, no one can tell how deep you will sink in the sinkhole of sin. I think of Nietzsche when I hear these things. In his book Gay Science, Nietzsche who was an atheist wrote very poignant words: 

After killing  God, we will be like unchained from the sun. There will be complete disorientation. Universal madness will break out. As more people leave God in our communities, we will see more and more bizarre things we did not dare to imagine just a generation ago. 

It won’t stop with transgenderism. Next stop is trans speciesism. ‘Change me into a dog. Put some dog hormones in my body. Transplant some dog organs into my body.’ Give equal rights to my tree. I want to marry my cat. We are already seeing people filing federal lawsuits demanding equal rights to animals and treating them as ‘persons’. So, without God, there won’t be any absolutes and everyone says he is right according to his own standards. 

   Now, let us consider the arguments put forward by Governor Asa Hutchinson while explaining his reasons for vetoing this bill. 

First he said, 

“Limited Government”: this argument says, ‘we believe in limited Government. We have no business in the gender transition movement.’ This is a fallacious argument. 

    What does the Bible say about the government? Government is one of the institutions established by God for the welfare of our society. Romans 13:4 says, 

They are God’s servants, agents of wrath

 to bring punishment on the

 wrongdoer. Romans 13:4 

      Government is a servant of God designed to punish evil. We have deadly drugs coming into this country destroying the youth. Government is controlling drug activities. In the same way, the government should control the drugs prescribed by doctors, the drugs which transform the bodies of these kids permanently. 

     When it comes to confronting evil, you should not say ‘let us believe in the limited government’. When Little Rock High School enforced racial segregation of students by the Governor of Arkansas, President Eisenhower sent federal troops to desegregate the school. He did not say, ‘I believe in limited government. Let the States decide how they run their schools.’ Evil is evil whether the Federal government does it or the state government does it or local government does it. 

     The same Eisenhower was sent to Europe by our federal government to confront the evils done by Nazi government in Germany. Today we condemn Chinese Communist Party for destroying the lives of little children in Uighur Camps in Xinjiang. Wherever evil happens we should condemn it. Giving hormones to little children and doing surgeries on their bodies changing their sexuality unrecognizably is nothing but evil. 

His next reason was, 

“Let parents and doctors decide”: Governor Asa’s next argument is, ‘Let us leave this to parents and doctors.’ This is not about parents and doctors. This is about good and evil. Moral standards are independent of parents and doctors. It is about the Word of God, not about the parents. It is about the will of God, not about the doctors. If a parent makes his child a prostitute, that is still immoral. You cannot say, ‘it is my child. I have a right to make him or her a prostitute.’ Similarly, if you go to a plastic surgeon, he will convince you that your nose is ugly and you should have a 50,000 surgery to fix it. But if you are content with how your nose looks, you don’t need the surgery. You can say, ‘Jesus loves me no matter how I look. I don’t need plastic surgery’. In the same way, you can say, ‘Jesus loves me whether I am a man or a woman. I don’t need no surgery. I am content in Christ’.

 If a child goes to a doctor with gender confusion, he will convince the child that a 100,000 surgery is needed to remove their breasts or testicles. The big money doctors don’t care about children. They only care about making money. ‘Doctors doing it does not make it right’: if a doctor performs abortions, we tell him, ‘Doctor, you are shedding innocent blood. Poking a knife into the heart of an unborn baby is nothing but evil.’ In the same way, removing the testicles of a 16 year old is not a matter we leave to doctors. 


‘Let the child decide’: next argument goes, let the child decides.’ My dad died in 2018. Sometimes I miss him. I say to myself, I wish my dad is alive to give me advice now. I am 43 years-old and I often wonder what my parents would say to me about the decisions I make. At 16, you knew very little about your world. Giving these kids freedom to change their sexuality is not right. At 18, we are giving them freedom to act in porn movies. That is an arbitrary number. God says sexuality is sacred and should be within the privacy of a heterosexual marriage. 16,18,20…your age is not the point. Is it God’s will? It is not God’s will to change your sexuality because you don’t like it. 

“It is less than 200 children”: next argument says, ‘

In the entire State of Arkansas, this is about less than 200 children’. Why all the fuss? 

This is also an unscriptural argument. Evil is evil no matter how many people are the victims. Just hating one Jew does not make you a lesser Anti-Semite than you hating a million Jews. Just discriminating against one person does not make you a lesser racist than you discriminating a million people. 

So, these are lame excuses. Our standard is the Word of God. We should always embrace God’s Word rather than human opinion. Governor Asa Hutchinson embraced political expediency more than the Word of God. And that is shameful. Trump is absolutely right in his criticism of this lame governor.

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