Ravi Zacharias’ wife Margie takes shots at John MacArthur and Randy Alcorn

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     Today’s question is: What is your opinion about the letter written by Margie Zacharias? No matter where we stand on Ravi’s issue, we should pray for his family. I always take a few minutes to pray for his family members. Nathan Zacharias posted this letter on his web site www.defendingrravi.wordpress.com

When Donald Trump took that escalator down at Trump Tower to announce his candidacy for US Presidency, Ravi probably smiled like many evangelical leaders. Little did he know that the Metoo movement which would be ignited as a reaction to Trump’s election would destroy Ravi’s legacy and his organization. It would leave his dear family in pain that would last for a life time. His wife is the first victim.

Margie says RZIM gave her 90 days notice to vacate her home. Ravi’s widow deserves to stay in that home. Michael Ramsden did not build RZIM. He got to keep his sinecure job but Ravi’s wife, who was innocent in this whole ordeal, was shown the door. She worked hard since the inception of that organization. This is not right.

   Nathan Zacharias says that the RZIM UK team walked off with 15 million worth of property. We all donated because Ravi asked for the donations. Nathan says, the RZIM UK team waited for months before opening their mouths on the Ravi scandal. 

“Wait until the old man dies”: Pretty much this is the story of every rich old man who dies with millions of dollars in his bank accounts. Ravi died with millions in his bank accounts. Rather than continuing Lord’s ministry with that money, these pricks only focused on collecting the money.

    They waited until all the legal procedures were done on the transfer of property. That’s a bad example. There is a calculated silence. Throw Ravi under the bus, take the properties and run. If what Nathan says is true, that is not a good behavior. They should not be evicting Ravi’s widow in this manner. That’s my opinion. 

    Margie wrote, “As his wife of 47 years, I know this more than anyone else. But his failures were not in this area. He was spectacularly self-disciplined in his conduct, especially where it would reflect poorly on the Lord” 

       She says, since Ravi’s death, I went through all his belongings. His phones, his text messages, his receipts, his documents, his emails, his letters, his books, his clothes. I did not find anything questionable. My husband is innocent. I do not believe these allegations against him. 

      She wrote, “When Ravi learned his cancer had metastasized he said he was ready to meet the Lord…His conversations at the end when he was seeing things we couldn’t and talking to people we couldn’t see were not filled with angst or fear or guilt. He was talking about strategy for sharing the Gospel with his unseen visitors. So much for Randy Alcorn and John MacArthur.” 

     This is a great testimony. Margie says, ‘When Ravi was on his deathbed, he was having auditory hallucinations, visual hallucinations, he was thinking about presenting gospel to his unseen visitors. So much for Randy Alcorn and John MacArthur. 

   How do you respond in a scenario like this? On one side we have women claiming that Ravi touched them inappropriately. On the other side, we have his wife claiming that Ravi was an upright man in everything she observed in his life. 

   This is a complex situation. I told you many times before. Don’t jump to conclusions. We should go where the truth is. When sexual allegations happen we often commit Generalization fallacy. Let us say 20 women accuse someone of abuse. Is everyone telling the truth? 

    I call this CNN fallacy. Remember how CNN reported on Donald Trump before the election. On Monday, 5 women complained about Donald Trump. On Tuesday morning, it becomes 10. On Wednesday morning, it becomes 20. Twenty women are complaining about Donald Trump. By Friday, it will be 50. Fifty women complaining on Trump. Are they all telling the truth? You should carefully evaluate every accusation. If we are not careful, we might commit CNN fallacy on Ravi Zacharias. 

   I usually put victims into 3 groups: 

Group A: Real Victims (Tamars)

Group B: Fake victims (Potiphar’s wife)

Group C: Innocent fake victims (Miss Adela)

  The Bible has both good girls and bad girls. In Genesis chapter 39, we come across Potiphar’s wife. She lusted after Joseph, a handsome young man. She wanted to seduce him. So, one day when she found him lonely, she forced him to have sex with her. Joseph declined her advances. 

    He bluntly told her, “this is a sin against God and your husband. I can’t do this”. He ran away from her. She got angry and shouted, ‘rape, rape. Joseph tried to rape me’. You know how the story ends: Joseph ends up in prison on false charges. Many  Ravi’s fans are asking the question, “Was Ravi in a Joseph-like situation?’ 

Potiphar’s wife belongs to Group B. She was a fake victim. 

     Then there are real victims. King David wanted to seduce Bathsheba, wife of Uriah, one of the soldiers in his army. He used his power to get her to his palace and premeditated the murder of her husband. I consider Bathsheba a true victim because she was a commoner and David was the King.

God’s judgment enters David’s family for what he did to Bathsheba and Uriah. In 2 Samuel chapter 13, we see a beautiful virgin named Tamar, King David’s daughter and  Absalom’s sister. Her half-brother Amnon lusted after her. How to seduce Tamar? Amnon comes with an evil plan. I will feign sickness. I will lie to everyone that I am sick and I will ask for Tamar to come and assist me. 

    When Tamar comes to my room, I will attack her. Amnon lies in the bed, I am sick, I am sick. Get me Tamar to help me. The plan works out. Poor Tamar goes into the room. Amnon gets from the bed and attacks her. She begs him to stop but he won’t listen. 

  Did Ravi behave like Amnon? Did he feign sickness to trap these women? He always said he had back pain. Did he use back pain as a pretext to approach and assault women? ‘I got back pain, come and help me’, and then attacked the therapist who went to help him. 

     One of the accusers said that Ravi gave her money and gifts over many years and assaulted her. Tamar did not take any money or gifts  from Amnon. She was heartbroken and left. 

    If someone comes to assault you, you don’t ask for money, you run. If someone comes to abuse you, you don’t ask for gifts. You call the police. If she felt like Ravi was abusing her, why didn’t she call the police? He abused me but I took his money anyway. 

I want to know more details on this story before jumping to conclusions. When I looked into this matter, it appears to me that Ravi sinned by touching them inappropriately. He might have had consensual sex with some women. I would not go that far to accuse him of rape. The whole saga sounded like sugar daddy stuff to me. When you are alone with a good looking woman in a dark room for hours, sooner or later, you will fall in sin. Ravi was no exception.

Also, Ravi’s problems started after he became close to Trump and Mike Pence. Billy Graham’s brainchild magazine Christianity Today desperately wanted to defeat Trump. Ravi went to Trump WhiteHouse and made himself a target of Anti-Trump Christians. Otherwise, why did CT showed so much enthusiasm into digging up dirt on Ravi from the spas he closed many years ago? Why did they release their report just before US Presidential election? Why are they silent about big payments from RZIM to all Ravi’s ‘victims’? Why no one questioning the accusations of women who came out after the death of the accused and collected big checks?

     In Group C, we have Innocent fake victims. There are women who claim they were abused when no one abused them because of mental health problems. E.M.Forster wrote the novel A Passage to India. In this novel we see four characters. 

    The story happens during the 1920s when the British were ruling India. Mr.Cyril, Mrs.Moore, and Miss Adela were from England. They visit India. An Indian doctor, Dr.Aziz joins them. They all go on a trip to the nearby Caves. 

In one of the caves, Adela thinks she was alone with Dr.Aziz, she gets anxious and flees, later she says Dr.Aziz attempted to assault her. Dr.Aziz gets arrested, and goes to trial. At the trial, Adela says she had a shocking experience inside the cave and interpreted it as an assault by Dr.Aziz. That’s an innocent fake victim. But the novel explores the prejudices and jealousies the British harbored towards Indians. In the entire Evangelical world, not one Christian leader said a single word of defense for Ravi, at least after condemning his sins. No one wanted to listen to Margie. There was a rush towards judgments. Underlying jealousy towards Ravi cannot be ruled out.

Group A: Real Victims (Tamars)

Group B: Fake victims (Potiphar’s wife)

Group C: Innocent fake victims (Adela) 

There are 3 possibilities here. We should carefully identify who belongs to Group A and who belongs to Group B, and who belongs to Group C. Everyone in Group A should get the justice and even reparations for the injustice they endured. 

    Yesterday we saw Derek Chavin get convicted for killing George Floyd. Derek deserved a fair trial. Prosecutors and defense attorneys, both presented their testimonies and evidence. Derek Chavin invoked the 5th amendment, the right to remain silent. 

The jury convicted Derek Chavin of murder. Ravi is silent because he is dead. But he also deserves a fair trial before we convict him of rape and assault. Ravi’s civil rights were violated all along that his personal computers and phones were searched without his consent or the presence of defense counsel. That is a clear violation of 4th Amendment.

So many people were happy to see the fall of Ravi because he kept a flawless record all his life. Instead of giving into our emotions and biases, we should respect truth. Defender’s Voice is all about going to where the truth is. There are good women on both sides, on Ravi’s side and on his accuser’s side. We need more evidence to settle this matter. Every woman who accused Ravi and collected a big check/cheque after his death should face scrutiny. If their stories are true, they should not fear more investigation into their testimonies.

   That’s my opinion on this matter. Please share your comment. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel. Thank you. God bless. 

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  1. I have read several of Dr. Zacharias books. Especially the one I, Isaac take thee, Rebecca. It is way too hard to put his teachings aside for such accusations. My prayers go out to his family.

    1. They’ve bought into the deception:
      If the days are not shortened even the elect shall be deceived.

      If we are still questioning the credibility of the so called women who sold images of themselves for money, then we must begin to intorigate our own biases.

      I bet you have now begin to question if Jesus was actually a virgin born or perhaps the disciples stole the body as it was reported on Jewish CNN.

      This whole allegations was cooked in an Arabic kitchen and now being served to you.

    2. I am ashamed of the critical, judgmental, and self- righteous people willing to cast a stone at Ravi Zacharias. JESUS CHRIST has a lot to say about this through our the Bible. Soon we will be in the presence of the Almighty (at least some).
      Focus on ourselves not Ravi.
      He loved the LORD, do you ?

    3. Ravi had all along been working among wolves…God’s punishment will certain not elude these people…

      They careless the souls they are leading astray…children of the dark are indeed wiser than the children light.

  2. It’s true that the situation should be investigated further to make sure it’s not fake, because of the possibility that someone may want to smear a godly man. If it’s true, the victims feelings should not be diminished. It is unusual for a pastor to have ownership in a Massage / Spa business. If that in fact is true as well. Mrs Zacharias should not have been evicted from her home. If allegations are true, she obviously wasn’t involved in it, and must not be unfairly treated. There should be some sort of provision for her. We can say that God Himself, knows all things that are hidden, and shall judge rightly. All believers should pray for Margie Zacharias, this indeed must be very devastating for her. If the allegations are found to be true, it will be most devastating. Any women who has experienced infidelity in their marriage knows the hurt, and devastation. It’s can take a lifetime to heal. Only God can heal the hurt. As God’s children lets band together and pray for Margie.

  3. Just a question; so we have passed judgement on a dead man, with charges brought by “un-named” persons, advocated for by a secular, third party law firm! All of whom stand to gain monetarily in big way! Where were these accusers when “me-too” was an unstoppable movement a few years ago? The plaintiffs and the defendant Must be present in order to reach a verdict! We Christians have fallen for it again, and destroyed the work of a man on technically hearsay…

    1. we christians have fallen for the bait of the devil..it was all orchestreted to make us believers and also non believers to tarnish the name of the man of God ..who taught us the word of GOD.ITS END TIMES more of this will be to any GOd fearing saint

  4. I believe that Mr. Zacharias was falsely accused. Usually with sexual predators one can at least get a sense that something isn’t right with them, even on tv. I have watched Mr. Zacharias in videos, and the sense I get is that he was righteous and true with a heart for God. Unlike some other “Christian” men I’ve watched that just screams SLEEZE or LIES!! Mr. Zacharias was not a sexual predator and he did not do those things that he was accused of. We, as Christians, should have truthful discernment from God on our side being that we have been saved by Him since we have confessed that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He is Lord of us and our life. Therefore, how is it that certain “Christians” fall for the lies and deceptive tactics of those who accuse the man? Not only that, how is it that they even accuse him? And wait until after he dies? Very bad taste indeed. He could not even defend himself. And then steal all the funds for the organization he started? That just paints for me a very clear GUILTY picture of their lies, falsehoods, greed, etc. Well, I’m with Mr. Zacharias’ wife on this. I believe her side. I believe their son Nathan’s side. The truth will come out sooner or later. And those people that did such a disservice to the man? Well, there are consequences to one’s actions, whether people want to believe it or not. And those people will have them. God will not see them go unpunished for their actions. I hope and pray that they repent and turn back to Jesus. That will be the only thing that saves them – in this life or the hereafter.

    1. In light of the investigative facts, this is all pure sentiment. It is begging the question to call all of the accusers liars and those who believe them liars. This isn’t a boys’ locker room of rumor; this was a carefully investigated report of great length, and RZIM had their entire reputation to lose. Ravi did indeed have an established inappropriate relationship with massage parlors. I for one always did sense something false about him, and his false credentials are a proven fact.

      1. Good points. I have nothing against him, but seek truth. Yes, a liar and THAT always leads wrong. Sure, more to it. Good intentions, maybe.
        Was Ravi baptized?

    2. Mr. Sharma needs to be heard, a real victim here. Why would a godly man want to open a spa, then a Ayurveda spa(East Indian)? We all have our stance;
      I believe he went on the dark side. Changes can occur. Hundreds of sex pictures were found. The wife can’t face it. This is why so many things are so hard to prove. How likely is Ravi to TELL his wife? And she’s busy, not accounting for his whereabouts. Understandable. But niggling things happened too.
      Nobody hides it that well. Znd she wouldn’t look. Could she have stopped it?
      I think so. But we can’t shirk, back off.
      She had to have Ravi choose, znd maybe their love had flickered down or out.
      Maybe she knew he would leave if she did that.
      I allowed a deceiver go mislead me for years and years, not facing truth.
      I have a lot to repent of, and I will.
      Men hide things, are better at it than women. Men know what women are up to,
      and women mostly don’t try it.
      Mr. Sharma lost around $300,000+ to Ravi. He list his confidence, much more.

  5. I believe that Ravi was Culturally convicted in the press just like Christ. I have written a great deal about the legal issues surrounding this and would love to share with the family however I can not find any appropriate address to send this material. Most of the charges are against the law and can only be addressed in a Court of Law. RZIM has no authority or ability to determine guilt yet hey have which is totally contrary to GOD’S Scripture. If anyone has a source to write maggie or any of the children, I would be in your debt.

  6. I agree that when Abraham lied and told Pharoah that Sarah was his sister , it was wrong before The Lord!
    It would later come back on Him!
    But not deserving of Capital Punishment!
    The Raping of Tamar by her half Brother was justified according to the Levitical Law , Ammon should have been put to Death by those in Government according to God’s Law!
    David as Tamar’s Father and The King of Israel did nothing as a Parent , but for whatever reason chose to overlook her Rape and did nothing!
    And so a Broken hearted Brother who felt her Sadness, loss of her Virginity Violated thru Rape, did only what was right for her Shame and Family Honour!
    I am a Christian , and I would do the same if the Perpetrator walked free!
    The Lord God never abolished the Capital Punishment as some say or think!
    That is completely false!
    So , Please stop comparing this story and others in the Bible to Ravi Zacharias!
    You are only causing more Pain and Hurt to those who are innocent in all this!
    Show some Mercy for Ravi yes, that God will do Right and Compassion for those’s that have been Broken and Hurt through all this!
    Everyone must keep their Eye’s on Jesus Christ and Worship Him Alone and not put their In the Man standing behind the Pulpit or they will be dissolutioned if that man should fall!
    We All must learn, to Trust in Jesus Christ and He alone!
    Just so you know, I listened for year’s to Ravi and other’s!
    I had tears at his Fall into Sin, but it can and will happen to all off us if our Eyes are of The Lord!
    David was The Bible say’s, ” A Man after God’s own Heart ! ” Yet at a Time when he had an Unguarded Heart, Temptation took hold!
    None off us are a better Man than King David!
    None more Brave, none more Noble, none more after God’s Own Heart , than David was!
    And yet David fell into Sin!
    I believe had he not Confessed and Repented ( though it took The Prophet Nathan sent by God to confront Him, that The Lord would have taken David Home be with Him, rather than allow David to continue down the Wrong Path he was going!
    Psalm 32 writen by King David tells us off his Suffering and Bodily Pain due to his Sin to the Point if Death !
    Thank God, David Repented those the Sword as a result of his Son’s, would never depart his House!
    God is Loving and Merciful to His Own!
    I hope and Pray to see Ravi in Heaven with his Robe Washed White by The Blood if The Lamb!
    Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ 🙏🕊️
    Roman’s 8: 28.Amen.
    God Bless 🕊️ SHALOM 🙏
    Your’s in Christ, Ged Davies.

    1. If David had not repented, he would have gone to hell. This is why he prays in Psalm 51:11, “Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy Holy Spirit from me.” I John 1:9 makes clear that sin must be confessed and forsaken to be forgiven. We don’t commit the most egregious sins in the book and receive a promotion to heaven. God is not mocked. As for Tamar’s rape being justified in Levitical law, this is patently false. Rape was never justified under any circumstances. Levitical law makes explicitly clear all these moral codes.

  7. We have written extensively about this topi on our own website theologyarchaeology. In examining the evidence we feel he is innocent and you can read the many articles we have written there starting with What makes the Ravi Zacharias issue so complicated. do a search under the Ravi Zacharias name to find the rest.

    Our problem is that we have gotten a couple of comments asking how they can contact Mrs. Zacharias and support her. Does nayone have non-invasive contact information for her? If so leave it in the comment section at our website please. we moderate so the information won’t be public right away.

  8. Ravi’s credentials were falling apart long before this sex scandal came to light. Lawyer Stephen Baughman meticulously vetted RZ’s fake credentials. Ravi wasn’t who people thought he was on any score. If you’re going to be false in one area, you will be false in another. When the sexting scandal came to light, RZ even sued his own victim. She had nothing to gain. The report a year later was very carefully investigated. A so-called godly man is not going to go anywhere near a massage parlor, and it is easy to prove RZ’s association here. It is pointless to defend any level of his behavior, as if only “rape” is a sin. What an absurd discussion. Jesus says lust is adultery. I do not believe for one instant that Ravi was innocent. I think he had the whole world fooled except his victims and those who knew he was a fraud. Jesus says if you love father or mother more than Me, you are not worthy of Me. We cannot afford to be respecters of persons who refuse to see the evidence when it looks us in the face. We must face the truth wherever it is. The evidence to defend Ravi is just not there.

    1. This Stephen Baughman you mentioned is a God hating atheist that has a lot to gain by defaming famous Christian teachers so I doubt his creditability as well the credibility of your post.

  9. The enemy is alive and well and I believe he is using those who profess to be Christians. He who is without sin can cast the first stone. The man isn’t even here to defend himself. Should we rip out all of David’s psalms from the Bible? No one in their right man can deny that Ravi was a gifted man and that the Lord used him mightily. To ‘cancel out all that he wrote and his messages is doing more harm I believe to the gospel message. It is so grievous to me to see the nastiness coming out amongst so called Christian. There is much more I would like to say. What right, Christians, do we have to make such hateful and hurtful comments about a man who is now face to face with his Savior, the One for Whom he dedicated his life and spread the gospel message to people you and I will never be able to reach? You got to wonder if the enemy is rejoicing at all this.

  10. I don’t know… In this day and age of Cancel Culture, where the devil rules this world, what will be more of a triumph for the secular atheistic anti God crowd of the World that hates Christianity than to defame quite possibly one of the greatest Christian Apologist preacher of our times? The Motivation is all there.

    If the reports were indeed true, the wife of Ravi herself will quite possibly be angry at her late husband and just let things rest and will not be so vigorously defend his name. And she must have been really ignorant if she did not discover his husband’s supposedly illicit activities for so long.

    And what a coincidence all these happened right after the man was dead so that he has no means to defend his name. Raise a lot of questions. But like in most cases, probably the truth will never come out.

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