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  1. On the subject of Ravi Zachariah I would say that Ravi is responsible for these allegations to a large degree. First his testimony concerning salvation is let’s say not quite in line with what the scriptures teach about genuine conversion. For example he never really speaks about a deep conviction of sin? He seems more interested in a philosophical or psychological kind of faith and belief system? All throughout his ministry he never really touched upon sin and its power over the fallen sons and daughters of Adam. In fact his talks had very little about sin or even sanctification in the life of a true believer. Yes he offered good and sound arguments against secularism and the like but not much in the way of true and genuine conversion. His appearance among the Mormons is a clear example of his lack of discernment of false and daming doctrine. He was a fine apologist but a poor evangelist. Very poor.
    Ravi also brought negative attention to himself by being invested in Massage parlors? What business does a Christian have in owning message parlors? A strange investment indeed. We can be sure that he was involved in some way with an illicit contact with another woman. The fact that they settled out of court in itself is suspicious and would lead us to believe that there was at least some culpability on Ravi”s part. The allegations that were made against him later on is not inconsistent with this first report. I am not suggesting that it is all true but who can know for sure? Again why would he be involved with message parlors in the first place? This opens the door to serious moral scrutiny and is exactly what Paul means when he says abstain from even the appearance of evil. We know Ravi was catered to in these spas and that isca fact.
    Knowing the natural perversity of our hearts he was in a dangerous position and temptation. Plus the fact such behavior is not uncommon among men of his age who can easily be tempted by sexually attractive women after you have lost an attraction for your wife. All of this plays a factor in his scandal. This is exactly how one leaves themselves open to all that has happened in this situation.
    Another factor here is Ravi”s not so honest claim that he was a visiting scholar at both Cambridge and Oxford universities. I have heard him make that claim before and it was not true. He may have been in these universities a time or two like other college campuses he was invited to be a speaker for but there was no such visiting scholar role as he implied. So his honesty was in question and that also opens oneself up to the scrutiny he underwent before he passed. Another problem with Ravi was that he never disclosed to his supporters that he did not have an earned PHD. Having an honory doctorate is well and good and certainly not something to be ashamed of but it is not honest to omit this from his ministerial biography and credentials. Ravi was most definitely an able scholar and worthy of high honors. At any rate it is issues like this which bring his credibility into question. The RZIM organization also played a part in this not so honest portrayal of their champion.
    Finally Ravi like too many of his sort became a celebrity figure and became wealthy, yes I said wealthy as a so called Christian leader? Men like Ravi and the organizations who are built on his gift of gab and polish tend to become laws to themselves with no accountability to any Church body. The fact that he was not active in any Church or even a member of a Church should give pause to any so called man of God. RZIM and its whole operation acted without any accountability to the people of God as scripture mandates. Being on the road and away from his family for as much time as men in position are creates temptation and a certain arrogance and unbiblical sense of ones self importance and independence. Allof this combined casts a shadow upon him and rightfully so. There are witnesses of his behavior and whether we like it or not they have to be taken into consideration even as scripture required witnesses to discover the guilt of anyone accused of wrong doing etc. Of course all of the witnesses could be untruthful but they have a right to be heard. And we as believers can at least weigh out their testimony. I would also say that family members are not the best witnesses to defend a man of his guilt or innocence?
    The fact that his wife is defending him does not carry a definitive acquittal of the allegations. If we remember David who was crafty, deceitful, prideful and adulterous we can easily see that this is a pitfall we are all subject to. That men are guilty of secret sins and prome to great temptation like being alone for as much time as a man in Ravi”s s position places you in a vulnerable place especially since we are inundated with sexual allurement and impurity in this world of media omniscience. It is very plausible that Ravi was not what we thought he was. Perhaps a Christian con man. I will reiterate that his testimony is specious and not convincing. In Matthew 7 we see how many people think they are saved and are not? As Jesus said depart from me for I never knew you…. False conversions are all too common place among evangelicals as worldliness and false doctrine is so prevalent A weak evangelicalism where there is no preaching that searches the heart or challenges ones faith. Make your calling and election sure as Peter tells us.
    I am not making any judgment on this mans soul. I leave that in the hand of God and perhaps he repented for his transgressions and indiscretions before he passed.
    What his final standing before God is we cannot know but only speculate. However it should serve as a lesson not to take anything or anyone for granted and assume all is well. Nor allow ourselves to be taken away by the talent of anyone no matter how intelligent and how well they appear before men. This is why God ordains the Ecckesia to be proper means of sanctification and moral accountability and not so called para church organizations that are built and promoted by a single personality! RZIM was not under the oversight of The Christian Missionary Alliance Church as Ravi was I believe ordained by at one time. We must stop making heroes out of fallible men and know who we are financially supporting.

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