Neil deGrasse Tyson: Why is he writing foolish tweets?

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Today’s question is what do you think about Neil deGrasse Tyson’s tweet on science? 

Neil deGrasse Tyson tweeted, The good thing about Science is that it’s true, whether or not you believe in it.This tweet exhibits the spirit of secular science: Worshiping science in the place of God. It is called scientism. Don’t confuse that with science. Scientism and science are two different things. This tweet demonstrates what is wrong with many scientists of our time. What is reality? Can we understand reality?

 As human beings we search for the truth. Truth is correspondence to reality. If you believe earth is flat, that can not be true because there is no correspondence to reality in your belief. We search for the truth. The objective truth. Scientific method is one of the many different ways to get to the objective truth.

 The problem with scientists like Neil de grasse Tyson is they equate science with the objective truth. Science is the search for objective truth, it is not the objective truth itself.  Some of the greatest scientists ever lived embraced that philosophy of science. Isaac Newton and Robert Boyle.

 We can call them the father of modern physics and the father of modern chemistry respectively. They both believed that there are two books of truth. The book of scriptures and the book of nature. God sent us objective truth in special revelation through the book of scriptures, that is the Bible. Then there is the book of nature. In the book of nature, there are many chapters. 

A chapter on philosophy, a chapter on science, a chapter on mathematics, a chapter on poetry, a chapter on art etc.  Before the dawn of our secular age, scientists practiced their profession with humility. We are one of the many truth tellers. 

Not any more. Now they say, there are no two books. There is only one book called nature. They don’t even call it a book because calling it a book implies there must be an Author. So they say, there is only matter and everything comes from matter. They say, we are the only truth tellers in the world. There is no truth beside us. If we cannot verify something empirically then that is not true. 

    The problem with this argument is it is self-defeating. You cannot say, if we cannot prove something empirically, then that is not true. Because what you just said is not empirically verifiable. 

     The same applies to  Neil degrass Tyson. He says, only science can tell us the truth. That is not a scientific statement. You cannot prove empirically that science is the only way to the truth.

      So, Neil has this blind faith that science is the only way to the truth and he is equating it to the science itself. It is foolish and dangerous. Because of this arrogance of scientists like Neil degrasse Tyson, many people are turned off by their utterances. 

That is why I call him Neil degrade Tyson because he degrades science with his foolish tweets. Science also cannot give us ethics. Down the centuries, many great scientists worked as henchmen for tyrants. Stalin had his cabal of scientists, Hitler had his group of scientists, Mao had his group of scientists. They carried out many unethical scientific experiments on little babies, children, African Americans and other minority groups. 

Many scientists repent of their sins and practice their profession with humility. But Neil degrade Tyson is not one of them. He demands that we recognize only science as the truth. 

   Science is not the truth. It is one of the many ways to the truth. All truth belongs to God. Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life. All belong to Jesus. 

He is the creator of the universe and science being the study of the universe is understanding his wisdom in the creation of this universe. Jesus Christ our Lord is the truth. All truth belongs to him. Science is not the Truth. That title only belongs to Christ. 

      I hope Mr. Neil deGrasse Tyson will stop worshipping science and turn to God, who made the scientific method possible by creating his universe with order and rationality.

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