John Piper compares Ravi Zacharias to Judas Iscariot

Welcome back to Defenders Voice. This is Dr.Paul. Thank you for joining us today. Send me your questions to Visit our website at and subscribe to our podcast. In today’s episode, I will answer the question, John Piper compares Ravi to Judas Iscariot. Is it appropriate? 

     Judas Iscariot is showing up when people discuss Ravi Zacharias. John Piper brought Judas into discussion. Ravi’s son Nathan also brought Judas into discussion in a different dimension. I gave the link below to Mr. John Piper’s article on Ravi. Read it so that you can better understand what I say here. 

First, John Piper says that Ravi Zacharias exploited his victims under the guise of sympathy. Let me quote his words: 

“He portrayed himself as an embattled, burdened, wounded warrior in the righteous cause of the gospel. And ironically, he turned his position of power into a form of neediness and woundedness, and then he tried to coerce untethered sympathy under the guise of calling for “kingdom therapy for the wounded warrior.”

    That is a good observation. I worked so hard for God. So, I need to relax. I deserve sexual favors. We can call this Wounded Warrior Syndrome. Many a Christian leaders suffer from this syndrome. They say, ‘I fought so many battles for the Lord. I am so tired. I need your sympathy’. John Piper says sympathy must be chained to truth. You should not separate sympathy from the truth. 

   We see this problem even in the secular world. President Clinton used this tactic towards his female interns. ‘I have been working so hard for the American people. Monica, can you help me relax? 

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo also used this tactic towards his female assistants. ‘I have been working so hard for the people of New York. I am feeling so lonely. You should help me relax. 

    First of all, if God called you to serve Him, it is a privilege. Don’t mumble and grumble about it. No one forced you to become a President, or Governor or a global evangelist. If you are fatigued and lonely, go back to your family. Society has no obligation to provide you women because you work so hard. Consider it a privilege to serve Lord Jesus Christ, not a burden. 

John Piper then wrote, 

“To which the administrative assistant or the old college flame or the teenage boy in the locker room should say, “That’s disgusting. Don’t ever talk to me like that again. My sympathy is not for sale; it’s tethered to truth and righteousness.” John Piper 

I think that’s great advice. If someone asks you for sexual favors, you should immediately reject it because God commands that all physical relationships should be limited to heterosexual marriage. 

So, beware of wounded warrior syndrome. 

Then Mr. Piper compares Ravi to Judas Iscariot who sold our Savior for 30 pieces of silver. 

In Genesis 18, we read Abraham pleading with God. Sodom and Gomorrah were wicked cities. They were full of horrible sinners. They committed every sin God hates. God informs Abraham that He is going to destroy those two cities. Then, Abraham pleads with God. ‘Dear Lord, would you punish them if there were 50 righteous men in those cities?’ God says, ‘No, for those 50 righteous men, I will withhold my judgment’ 

Abraham continues to bargain with God. 

How about 45? 

How about 40?

How about 30?

How about 20?

How about 10? 

God says, if there are 10 righteous individuals in those cities, for their sake, I will spare  my judgment on Sodom and Gomorrow. 

In Numbers chapter 14, we see God’s anger being kindled against the people of Israel. God says, ‘Moses, step aside. I will destroy these people and make a new nation out of you.’ 

Moses did not like it. His heart was broken and he  said, ‘Lord, please don’t do that. You are a loving God. You are a merciful God. Please forgive them.’ 

God says, ‘Because you asked, I will forgive them’

In John chapter 17, we see our Lord Jesus Christ making an intercessory prayer for the believers. 

In Romans chapter 11, we see Apostle Paul making an intercessory prayer for the unbelieving Jews.

In Luke chapter 15, we read about a prodigal son, who takes all his inherited wealth from his father and squanders it with prostitutes and friends. When he was penniless, he realizes about the love of his father and walks back to his father’s home. The father gets so excited on seeing his son coming back, runs to him, falls on his neck, kisses him, invites him into the home, makes a great festival for his son. The elder brother gets angry at the proceedings. He blows up at his dad, ‘why are you doing all this dad, he squandered all your wealth, destroyed our family name. And you are making a feast for him?’ The father responds, ‘Son, rejoice, your brother was dead, now he is alive’. The father is interceding for his son who came back to his home. 

    Yesterday someone sent me a gift. I opened it and it is a book full of quotations by Mother Teresa. Thank you Susan that is very nice of you. I really like this book. Mother Teresa showed the love of God and forgiveness to all people. I opened this book and read one of her sayings on forgiveness. 

“Once you know you have hurt someone, be the first to say sorry. We cannnot forgive unless we know that we need forgiveness and forgiveness is the beginning of love.” 

The prodigal son sinned against his father, not against his brother. Yet, the father was willing to forgive him, not the brother. The elder brother thought he never needed forgiveness and could not forgive his lost brother who returned home. There was no love because there was no forgiveness. 

Sadly, many preachers today are like the elder brother. They would rather see their brothers stink in the pit of sin and die rather than return to their father’s house. That is not right folks. 

How many of us pray on behalf of sinners? 

This is called intercessory prayer. How many of us pray like Abraham prayed for the sinner as we see in Genesis 18? 

Or like Moses in Numbers 14? 

Or like Lord Jesus in John 17? 

Or like the Father in Luke 15? 

Or like Apostle Paul in Romans 11? 

If you desire God, you should desire forgiveness, not retribution. I call Ravi a prodigal son, who squandered what God gave him on worldly things. I don’t go that far calling him a Judas Iscariot. 

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