RZIM CEO Sarah Davis speaks out: Good & bad

Welcome back to Defenders Voice. This is Dr.Paul. Thank you for joining us today. Please send your questions to info@doctorpaul.org. Visit our website at www.doctorpaul.org. Today’s question: what is your response to Sarah Davis’ speech? 

Sarah Davis gave us a moving speech full of repentance, forgiveness and hope. That is good. She talked about how she regrets what happened to the victims who were abused by her dad. She trusted her dad and her dad violated her trust. She talked about how she finally investigated her dad and found out the truth about him. She could not believe what she found out because that was not the kind of person she knew from her childhood. 

   She asked people to repent. People who are abusing others now should stop, ask God for forgiveness and get saved. Those are good parts. Acknowledging the sins of Ravi, confessing her own role in the cover up, asking forgiveness from Ravi’s victims, and asking support from the ministry partners. 

What is bad? 

She tells us that she was saved while her dad was preaching. So God was using her dad to bring people to Christ. So, why is she cancelling him completely? She removed all his books, all his lectures, all his debates, all his posts from the RZIM website. God might use those resources in someone else’s life like he used her dad’s message to bring her to Christ. That logic was lost on her. 

In a criminal trial, a defendant should have an opportunity to speak for himself or a defense attorney should be able to defend him. We should believe in due process. Due process is a requirement that legal matters be resolved according to established rules and principles, and that individuals be treated fairly. Due process applies to both civil and criminal matters. Defendants and his victims both should be treated fairly. In the due process, there should be prosecuting attorneys and defense attorneys. Every attorney is only prosecuting Ravi. 

Where are his defense attorneys? Sarah Davis should appoint two teams of attorneys. One for prosecution and one for defense. In a criminal trial, the prosecutor presents his evidence through his witnesses and the defense attorneys present their evidence through their witnesses.

 Then the jury will deliberate and come to a verdict. In the same way, there should be an independent jury. There should be one group of prosecuting attorneys and another group of defense attorneys. You might say, Miller & Martin found the evidence. I do believe their conclusions. But that is still not a due process. A group of defense attorneys representing Ravi should go over all his phones, should question and cross examine all his accusers. There is no such thing as independent investigation. A grand jury is planning to indict Donald Trump. Do you think that is an independent investigation? They say that it is independent. Yet, Donald Trump should have some attorneys to defend him. The FBI raided Rudy Giuliano’s apartment. They took away his cellphones. The FBI says this is an independent investigation. Still Rudy Giuliani should get his attorneys to look into what the FBI took from his apartment. 

Miller & Martin went through Ravi’s cellphones and computers in his absence. Ravi’s attorneys were not present while his electronic equipment was searched. That is not fair. Now, I am not saying Ravi was innocent. I believe he touched those women inappropriately. But to accuse him of rape and assault, we have to go through a due process. He deserves a fair trial. He deserves attorneys representing him. We want to know the truth and we should follow the due process. 

Sarah Davis and RZIM completely protected Ravi before his death and completely abandoned him after his death. It should have been a due process all along. Before his death, both parties should have had a voice. Then Ravi’s accuser’s voices were stifled. After his death, Ravi’s defense is stifled. There is no defense for him. There is no one talking for him. 

So, that is the good and bad I found in Sarah Davis’ speech last night. Again, I am not saying Ravi was innocent. My point is he too deserves a fair trial like every defendant in the world. As Christians we should believe in due process. We should not be carried away by our emotions and biases.

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