The Family Man: Insulting Christians & Common sense

Welcome to Defender’s Voice. This is Dr.Paul. Thank you for joining us today. Please send us your questions to Subscribe to our channel. Visit our website to subscribe to our podcast. Today’s question is: What is your response to the Family Man

THe Family man is an Indian action thriller streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Srikant Tiwari is a detective working for Indian Government. His job was to look for suspicious individuals and prevent terrorist attacks. We should appreciate these law enforcement officers who sacrifice their family life, their luxuries, their salaries, and even their lives on the line of duty. 

Srikant Tiwari sacrifices so many things in order to save his fellow Indians from terrorist attacks. He follows two Muslim extremists: Kareem and Moosa. We should commend Bollywood for taking this subject. Hollywood does not even consider a subject which might portray Muslims in a bad light. But there is a lot of political correctness even in the The Family Man. In one scene, we see Hindu extremists attacking innocent Muslims who were just carrying some lamb meat. The Muslim workers were accused of carrying cow meat and were brutally attacked. A Muslim college student Kareem would get infuriated by this violence over innocent Muslims. He decides  to teach a lesson to Hindus. But he would be killed while planning an attack on the Hindu politician who planned the attack on Muslims. After Kareem’s death, the detectives find some meat in his vehicle. He was just planning to throw some meat at Hindus. His intention was not to kill them. So, the message is Kareem was an innocent Muslim who was just reacting to the Hindu extremists. 

       The main story revolves around a more vicious Muslim young man named Moosa. Originally from Kerala, he goes to Syria, joins ISIS and then returns to India to carry out his attacks. He finally succeeds in carrying out a big attack on Delhi. In the final moments we see his mother with a scarred face. We learn from Moosa that his mother was a victim of terrorism from Hindus. 

     So, both Kareem and Moosa were reacting only to Hindu extremism. These were ordinary Muslim guys who were just responding to the violence unleashed on their families. I found this premise both fallacious and dangerous. 

     The implicit message is today’s Islamic terrorists were yesterday’s victims of Hindu terrorism. The global left chose this argument to salvage the image of Islam. This argument goes like this: Why are Muslims attacking Jews in Israel? Well, they were only responding to Israeli attacks on Muslims. Why are Muslims attacking America? Well, they were only responding to America’s attacks on Muslims. Why are Muslims attacking France? Well, they were only responding to France’s attacks on Muslims. Why are Muslims attacking Sri Lanka? Well, they were only responding to Sri Lanka’s attacks on Muslims. And on and on. They were just ordinary Kareems and Moosas whose families were attacked. 

    But that is false. The truth is most Islamic terrorists were not victims of terrorism. They were motivated by Quranic teachings that command them to attack unbelievers. Illiteracy, religious discrimination,  poor socioeconomic conditions, colonialism, past victimhood..they are secondary factors, not primary factors. The primary factor is the Quran’s commandments to attack unbelievers. 

     So, it is a false premise. It is also a dangerous message. So, Kareem and Moosa decided to attack innocent Indians because their families were attacked by Hindus. 

Hindus attacked us, so we should attack Hindus 

Jews attacked us, so we should attack Jews 

Christians attacked us, so we should attack Christians

Buddhists attacked us, so we should attack Buddhists 

That line of thinking is dangerous. The cycle of violence should be stopped by forgiveness. You should forgive people who attack you. While hanging on the cross, Jesus forgave his killers. He prayed for them, ‘Father, forgive them, they do not know what they are doing’. Following Jesus’ example, Kareem and Moosa should have forgiven the thugs who attacked their fellow Muslims. That is the difference between Muhammad and Jesus. Muhammad did not teach forgivess toward your enemies. But Jesus taught us forgiveness. It is a radical forgiveness, that you should forgive unconditionally. If people throw meat at you, forgive them. If people attack you, forgive them. 

    We also see a few Christians thrown under the bus in this web series. The bomb disposal technician is a Christian, he prays to God before disposing of the bomb. But it would be a failure and he would get killed. The message is, Christian prayer failed. 

    When the terrorist Moosa stays in the hospital, he befriends the nurse who takes care of him in his unit. This nurse, Mary gets intimate with this Muslim patient and engages in intercourse with him. The message is, Christian nurses don’t have any ethics, they don’t follow any professional boundaries. They would not show a Hindu nurse getting intimate with a Muslim patient. That is forbidden. But they could use a Christian nurse for anything they would like to see her doing. The double standards are obvious. It is an insult to thousands of Christian nurses who are serving the people of India in thousands of hospitals across the nation. 

    Throughout the series, they showed fornication, adultery, homosexuality, drug use. Showing all that filth, they are corrupting the minds of Indians. 

    Make movies and web series. But follow the truth, follow the sacredness God put into the human body and human relationships. 

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  1. Stop spreading fake propagandas everywhere and close this bullshhitt website . Your mentality shows that you’re a Christian extremist too . India is the land of Hindus not christians. Go spread your teachings in Jerusalem where your imaginary Jesus originated from.

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