Esther Dhanraj attacks on Bakht Singh & Joshua Daniel

Welcome back to Defenders Voice. This is Dr.Paul. Thank you for joining us today. Our channel is all about answering your questions. Send your questions to Visit our website to subscribe to our podcast. Today’s question is What is your response to Esther Dhanraj’s attacks on Bakht Singh and Joshua Daniel? 

Good questions. I gave the links below: you can watch the links below. Esther and Mary. Their dads were Hindus who became Christians. Their dads were so Christian that they gave Bible names to their daughters. Now, these girls are on a crusade. They abandoned their Christian Faith. They are trash talking their dads. If you listen to their words, you will feel their deep seated ‘daddy hatred’ in their words. They have some psychological issues with their dads. They are  now projecting them on Jesus. The Hindu organizations would be happy to embrace them because they got two useful idiots to facilitate their propaganda free of cost. First, they characterized Christianity as a sort of Western conspiracy. The fact is Christianity is more eastern than Hinduism. 

    The Aryans brought Vedic Hinduism from Europe to India. The disciples of Christ brought Christianity from Israel to India. Europe or India: which is nearer to India?  They have a problem with Christians receiving money from other Christians living outside of India. But they don’t have a problem with Hindus receiving money from other Hindus living outside of India.

    They started with a conspiracy theory: Christian leaders were groomed in the West. Really? They attacked brother Bakht Singh as an agent of Western missionaries. From what I had observed Bakht Singh was a great man of God. Bakht Singh visited our home in India. He officiated the wedding of my parents. He was born in a Sikh family. He went to a mission school. When he passed intermediate examinations he was given a beautiful leather bound Bible. Bakht Singh hated the Bible so much that he tore it up and kept only its cover because it was beautiful. He cursed the name of Christ. Would the British have been able to recruit someone like that for their Christian propaganda? I doubt it. Bakht Singh was born to rich parents who could send him to England for his higher studies. In August 1928, Bakht Singh traveled from Liverpool to Montreal, Canada. One day he attended a Christian meeting. He slept through the meeting. At the end of the meeting, they were praying. Bakht Singh did not want to kneel down for the prayer. But later he changed his mind and knelt down as a show of respect to his Christian friends. He wrote in a book, when he knelt down, a divine power came over him and he was repeatedly saying, Lord Jesus, I know and I believe Thou art the living Christ. 

   Listen. Bakht Singh became a Christ  by God’s direct intervention, not by human power or intellect. That is important to notice. He wrote a book on his conversion story titled ‘How I got joy unspeakable, full of glory’. In that book he wrote meeting Jesus gave him immense joy which never left him. 

    In Canada he asked a bank manager named Owel Hansen for a Bible. That man was surprised and said, ‘Aren’t you a Hindu? Why are you asking for a Bible?’ He gave Bakht Singh a Bible. From 1929 till he got Parkinson’s disease, Bakht Singh was a great student of the Bible. He lived a very simple life. His preaching drew hundreds of thousands of people to Christ. Even today we have thousands of churches started under his influence. 

    When Bakht Singh died, he had only a few things for himself: a Bible and a few clothes. He did not store money in his bank accounts. He gave everything for the Lord’s service. Esther maligning the character of such a great saint is shameful. 

September 22, 2000. I was in Hyderabad, India, maybe not too far from Esther’s home. I was there for Brother Bakht Singh’s funeral. God performed great miracles on the day of his funeral. As his casket was being carried out, the sun shone brightly, a rainbow circled it and a crown like structure appeared around the sun. God performed great miracles as over 250,000 people attended his funeral. 

     So, brother Bakht Singh, a devout Sikh man, who tore the Bible in school later became a Christian out of his own convictions under the direct intervention of Lord Jesus Christ. He loved Jesus and did everything for Jesus with love. To suggest that he was a foreign agent is absurd. 

     Esther talking as if he was groomed by the Western Church is nothing but one big lie. Bakht Singh lost his family, he lost his wealth for the sake of Christ. Joshua Daniel also was a great man of God. When I was in India, I used to attend his meetings. He had a great zeal for the Lord. He may have some frailties because he was human. But to suggest that Joshua Daniel was a crook is not right. He established many churches which are still preaching the Word of God faithfully. So, Esther and Mary Iyer, please stop attacking godly Christian leaders. Find the truth. Understand the love of Jesus, repent of your sins and get saved before it is too late. 

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