AOC warns Catholic bishops over Communion to President Biden

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Today’s question is: AOC warning Catholic bishops on denying communion to President Biden. Is this right? 

President Biden describes himself as a devout Catholic. Every Sunday he attends mass. Last week in England, he was attending the G-7 meeting. On Sunday, he took time to go to a Catholic church and spend some time in prayer. I appreciate his openness about his faith. Lot of Christians keep their faith a secret. But President Biden does not shy away from his faith. All those leaders who attended that meeting, how many of them went to church? I suspect except Biden, every one of them went to play golf. Before this godless generation, Biden has been exercising a public display of his faith. We should appreciate that. 

    The problem is he has been supporting abortion rights, homosexuality, transgenderism, climate worship etc, which are antithetical to Christian values. The US Conference Catholic Bishops are not happy to offer him communion. They are preparing a document to debate on offering communion to President Biden. They got a letter from Pope Francis from the Vatican, ‘Don’t do it. Don’t focus on culture war issues. Focus on fighting climate change, immigration and poverty.’ AOC also gave the same warning to these bishops. ‘Don’t mess with us. We will remove your tax-exemption status. There will be serious consequences’. 

   Pope Francis and AOC are on the same page on this issue. They don’t care about historic Catholic doctrines which emphasize the sacredness of unborn babies. Pope Francis got into critical race theory 50 years ago, something we are fighting now. Not surprisingly he became a darling to AOC and President Biden. Pope Francis is like AOC in a male body and a white gown or we can say, AOC is like Pope Francis in a female body. They share so many values. 

   I don’t support what they are doing. Now, nothing happens to President Biden’s communion. No matter what happens in the Conference of Catholic Bishops, the local bishop will determine whether Biden gets communion or not. Cardinal Wilton Gregory, who leads D.C.’s archdiocese clearly said that he would not deny Communion to Biden. He said,  “The choice before us at this moment is either we pursue a path of strengthening unity or settle for a document that will not bring unity but will very well further damage it,”. 

That is a problem. Unity. We need unity. God wants you to be in union only with the individuals who respect God’s truths. Truth is more important than unity. Communion was born out of Passover. Jesus established the first Communion on the feast of Passover. The final feast of Passover became the first feast of Eucharist. Passover is about deliverance from Egypt. The people of Israel left Egypt and separated from it forever. Communion has the same message. We should separate from this godless world and dedicate ourselves to God. The secular world around us is our Egypt. In Communion, we show that we are separated from it and identified with the body and blood of Christ. 

   President Biden wants the best of both worlds. He trashed away important Catholic values to become the President of the United States. On the first communion, Lord Jesus said, “Take and eat, this is my body. Drink from it. This is the blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins” (Matthew 26:26-28)

His holy blood, his innocent blood was shed for the forgiveness of our sins.Last time I was in Italy, I was visiting Florence. There is a beautiful Cathedral called Duomo. As I walked there, one incident from history came into my mind. One day, Lorenzo de Medici and his brother were attending the Mass in that cathedral. Their enemies plotted to kill Medici right in the cathedral. Their plot was: Let us kill him when he takes the communion. Communion is about God sacrificing his Son for our sins. We should not go to take communion while shedding innocent blood.  Abortion is shedding innocent blood. So, the values of communion and values of pro-choice movement do not go together. 

Let us pray that God will open the eyes of President Biden to see the truth. We should also commend the courage of these Catholic bishops. John the Baptist took a stand against the sin of King Herod. Elijah took a stand against the sin of Queen Jezebel. Nathan took a stand against the sin of King David. When the king sins, the prophet should speak. Thomas Moore was a devout Catholic. When King Henry VIII sinned, Moore did not keep quiet. It would cost his head, but he did not waver. His final words were, ‘The king’s best servant, but God’s first’. So, AOC should stop threatening Christian leaders. We are the king’s best servants, but God’s first. 

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