Mystery of Number 6 in the Bible

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Thomas asked two good questions. Let us continue to look at them. In the previous video, we have seen that we have souls and our souls are eternal. There is no death to our souls. We must spend our eternity either in heaven or in hell. But Thomas says he does not agree with this truth. He quoted Ezekiel 18:4, where it says, ‘the soul that sinneth, it shall die’. Based on this verse, he argues that every soul that sinneth, must die. So, our souls must die when we physically die. 

      That is not the right interpretation of Ezekiel 18:4. In Hebrew, it says hennepes hahotet hi tamut. tamut means death. The same word is used in Genesis 2:17. God says to Adam, ‘ki beyowm akaleka mimmennu mowt tamut. When you eat the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, on that day, you will surely die. When Adam and Eve ate the fruits of that tree, they did not die physically. But they die spiritually. Their souls were tainted with sin. The spiritual death is not the death of the soul, it is not the soul ceasing to exist, it is the separation from God. In the same way, here in Ezekiel 18:4, death does not mean the cessation of soul. It does not mean the termination of the soul. It means permanent separation from God. In other words, it means hell. 

     Romans 6:23 says, ‘for the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord’. What is this death? It is not the cessation of the soul. It is the separation of the soul from God. It is the second death. Every believer in Christ has two births and one death. Every sinner without Christ has one birth and two deaths. Every believer in Christ has two births and one death: a physical birth and a spiritual birth, then a physical death. Every sinner without Christ has one birth and two deaths. One physical birth, one physical death and one spiritual death. Spiritual death is the second death. It is permanent separation from God in hell. 

   Also, you don’t rely on one verse in the Bible to build a doctrine. Scan the Bible from Genesis to Revelation before you make up your mind on any particular issue. If you take a jet tour from Genesis to Revelation, the Bible clearly teaches that we have eternal souls. Our existence does not cease when our heart stops. That is what secular people believe. That is not from the Bible. 

   Coming to your second question, why did Jesus spend only 6 hours on the cross? Why not 2 or 3 days? Six hours is an awful lot of time on the cross. It is an excruciatingly painful experience. We cannot even describe in our words. Our blessed Savior endured all that suffering because he loved us so much. Just a few minutes ago, I saw a teenage girl with abdominal pain. She was in so much pain she would not even move out of her car. I had to go to her car to see her. Even a few minutes of such pain is terrible to endure. Yet, Lord Jesus Christ tolerated that pain because he wanted to save us. 

     He spent 6 hours on the cross from 9 AM in the morning to 3 PM in the afternoon. Why 6 hours? For the eternal Son of God, even 6 hours is too long. I owe an infinite debt for my sins. There is no way I can pay it off. 

   Let us say, I was fined $250,000 by the government. There is no way I can pay it off using one check. I need a payment plan. I will pay a thousand dollars a month over 20 years to pay off that debt. Suppose Bill Gates was fined $250,000 by the government. He would not need a 20 year plan to pay it off. He would take him a few seconds to write off that fine. If Bill Gates says, ‘give me 6 days’. We wonder, why did he say, ‘6 days’? Bill Gates, one of the richest persons in the world, would not need 6 days to pay it off. We ask, ‘Why 6 days? Is there any significance to 6’. 

   Similarly, I owe an infinite debt to God for my sins. Even if I spend an eternity in hell, I cannot pay it off. That is why God himself had to come to this world in the form of a human being and to go to the cross to pay off my debt. Why did he take 6 hours to pay it off? 

     In the Bible, number 6 symbolizes human beings and all their defects. But the good news is the next number, number 7, symbolizes perfection and completeness. 

6 + 1 = 7 

Number 6 stands for us, 

Number 1 stands for Christ. 

With Christ, we get our completeness and perfection. 

In Christ, we are complete and perfect before God. 

   Man was created on Day 6. In Christ, we are a new Creation. 

*Man should work 6 days a week, and get rest on the 7th day. Christ is our rest. He is our Sabbath. 

*A Hebrew slave was to serve 6 years and be released in the 7th year. Christ is our redeemer. We are released from our bondage through his precious blood. 

*Noah was 600 years old when God sent the great flood over all the earth. Christ is our Ark. He is our salvation. 

*The Israelites were to gather manna for 6 days a week. Christ is our living bread who sustains us. 

*The lampstand in the tabernacle had 6 branches. Christ is our light in this world full of darkness. 

*God established 6 cities of refuge in Israel to run into. Christ is our refuge we should run into. 

*Boaz placed 6 ephahs of barley on his bride Ruth. Christ is our bridge groom. 

*In his first miracle at a wedding, Jesus changed 6 waterpots into wine. Christ is our joy. 

*Mary anointed Jesus’s feet 6 days before Passover. Christ is precious to us. 

*At about the 6th hour, Pilate said to the Jews, ‘Behold your king’. Christ is our king. 

*At about the 6th hour, Peter received God’s vision concerning the Gentiles. Christ united the Jews and Gentiles.

*The mark of the beast is 666. AntiChrist is the embodiment of human pride and human folly. He will be crushed under the feet of Christ. 

*So, number 6 symbolizes us. It is our symbol. But if you add 1, which stands for Christ, we get our completeness as 7. When Jesus spent 6 hours on the cross, he was identifying with humanity. He was strong but became weak for us. He was rich but became poor for us. He was holy but became sin for us. He paid all our debt. Behold the lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world. 

  So, I think that is the reason why Jesus spent 6 hours on the cross. Please leave your comments, subscribe to our channel and like this video. 

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