Seeing Bisons at Yellowstone: A Beautiful Beast Created by God

Welcome to Defender’s Voice. This is Dr.Paul. Thank you for joining me today.  I am on my way to Yellowstone National Park to see some wildlife. Some of you asked questions about Darwinian evolution. I would like to take this occasion to answer those questions. Next ten days, I will make videos on the places I visited. So, make sure you follow this new series. We are going to discuss great topics like creation and evolution, geology, Noah’s flood, the prophecies of Revelation etc. 

   I am going to Yellowstone Park through the north entrance. This park is enormous in size,   2.2 million acres. It is the first national park in the United States and also in the world. It was established as a national park by US President Ulysses Grant in 1872. President Grant was also the commanding general who led the Union forces to victory in American Civil War. On both sides of the road, I am seeing the Rocky Mountain range. These mountains stretch from Canada all the way to New Mexico. They are over 3000 miles long, making them the largest mountain system in North America. 

    I am also seeing beautiful trees on both sides of the road. You can see conifers like lodgepole pine, spruce trees, fir trees; juniper trees and maple trees. Just looking at the majestic beauty of these trees is worth your time here. They reflect the goodness of God. 

      I stopped at a recreation center for a restroom break. The Yellowstone River is passing by this recreation center. I spent some time here. The fast flowing water makes gentle curves through the forest leaving exquisitely beautiful lakes and waterfalls. It is flowing northward while I am traveling southward. It is around 700 miles long draining into the mighty Missouri River, the longest river in the United States. It starts in this state, the state of Montana. 

At the north entrance, I went through a small town called Gardiner. You can stop here to fill your gas tank or to have breakfast or lunch. I walked over the bridge as I crossed the river. 

    Then, we drove through Roosevelt Arch. It is named after President Teddy Roosevelt, a famous US President who came here by train. It took him a few days to come here from Washington DC. It amazes me how much the world has changed in the last 120 years. Now you can come here in a matter of hours from anywhere in the world to see these amazing wonders of God’s creation. 

    The first animal that got my attention is the bison. We had to stop our vehicle to get a glimpse of this magnificent animal. It grows as tall as 6 feet in height and as long as 11 feet in length. Some of these bison weigh as much as 2800 pounds. Think of that for a moment. 2800 pounds, that is almost 20 human beings. I saw large farms packed with hundreds of bison on both sides of this road. With mountains in the background, these bison are grazing over the vast pastures of greenish landscape. It is a great scenery to behold. The words of the Psalmist come to my mind: God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. 

        God owns this place and everything in it. Yet there is not one sentence in this park for the glory of God. What a shame! We enjoy God’s creation to the fullest and fail to give him glory and fail to praise Him. I am not one of them. I stopped my vehicle at a few places to thank God and praise Him for his magnificent creation. You see, church is not the only place to worship our Lord Jesus Christ! 

    Here comes another bison over the road! Now, let us look at the origin of these bison. As we read in the Book of Genesis, God created all animals on the 6th day of creation. God created Adam and Eve on the same day. So these animals are on this earth as long as humans are. Among these animals, God created the cattle for our nourishment. Think about all the good things we enjoy from the cattle. We drink their milk, we use their dung as fertilizer, we eat their meat, we use them in farming. 

   Did these bison undergo evolution? If you look at bison in today’s world. There are two main surviving species of bison: American bison and European bison. Superficially they look similar. They accumulated some physical and behavioral differences over the last few thousand years. American bison are more easily tamed than European bison. They breed with domestic cattle more readily. This shows that bison came from the cattle. God has placed a brilliant genetic blueprint in the original cattle He created on the 6th day of creation that over the last few thousand years, new varieties of cattle like bison were born which have significant differences from the original cattle. We can still see their close relationship when we interbreed bison and domestic cattle. 

     The American bison has 15 ribs, while the European bison has 14 ribs. The American bison has four lumbar vertebrae while the European has five. The position of their heads have differences. Their hair growths have differences. Their fighting styles have differences. So there are differences between American bison and European bison. There is no objection here. Yet the undeniable fact is they are still bison! Bison is still a bison no matter how many changes it accumulated on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. 

    Here comes Darwin’s deception. He says if you give millions of years, these differences add up and give rise to a completely different group of animals. For example, birds came from dinosaurs or dinosaurs came from amphibians. Darwin and his followers today impose their own extrapolations over the minor differences we see  among these animals. They say these bison will transform into a completely different species. But there is no evidence for such big transformations in nature. All animals are only capable of undergoing certain changes over time allowed by their genetic flexibility. Bison are still cattle. They are still mammals. 

   So, as you see these magnificent beasts in the wilderness around us, praise God and worship His great name and his great creative genius. No one matches the brilliant mind of our Lord Jesus Christ. As we see these elegant animals, let us take a moment to praise God, their great Creator. 

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