RZIM President Michael Ramsden throws Ravi Zacharias family under the bus

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Today’s question is, Michael Ramsden said

“I completely trusted various deceptive narratives and accounts. And I was wrong.” Is this a good response? 

Excellent question. Michael Ramsden the President of RZIM said that he completely trusted various deceptive narratives and accounts given by Ravi. Now he realizes that he too was deceived by Ravi. 

   He implies that he is also a victim of Ravi Zacharias. He did not give us any reasons for keeping quiet. 

 In psychology, we call this acquiescence bias. You accept the content because it came from an authoritative acquaintance, not because you critically examined the contents of a response. That is a serious logical mistake particularly if you label yourself an apologist for the gospel. That shows you are not following the Holy Spirit of God, you are following your wallet or popularity or friendship with your boss. That disqualifies Michael from leading a Christian organization especially after such a massive debacle. He should resign or at least take a break. 

   He also did not follow the Bible in matters of discipline. Every believer should be affiliated with a local church. He or she should be accountable to that local body of Christians. No believer is too spiritual to give himself or herself an exception to this rule. This is especially true for Christian leaders and preachers. If someone makes an accusation against a preacher, that local church he attends should look into the matter. They should investigate the matter and if they are convinced that sin was committed, they should discipline the preacher. 

    This did not happen with Ravi. He was ordained by Christian Missionary Alliance denomination. As Ravi became popular and successful, he distanced himself from the CMA group. There was no spiritual overseers  on his life. Yes, CMA looked into Ravi’s sexting case and declared him to be innocent. But it was a one time event. Ravi was not attending a CMA church regularly. There was no continuous accountability to a local church in his life. Michael Ramsden was not bothered by this lack of spiritual discipline in the life of his boss. 

When you lead a Christian ministry, you should follow what  the Bible prescribes as a  disciplinary method when a Christian sins. 

When a Christian sins, you should listen to his accusers. In this case, when Ravi sinned, you should have listened to his accusers. You didnot do that because you were currying favor with Ravi. You followed Ravi, not the Lord Jesus Christ. You did not open your mouth when Ravi was alive. You refused to listen to any of his accusers. 

   Then, Ravi’s family was not treated fairly. Ravi’s wife Margie did so much for RZIM since it’s inception. Ravi was not home most of the time. She raised their children and also helped develop RZIM. If you read her letter, she would not believe any accusations made against her husband. Her testimony should be taken into consideration. Were these women telling the truth or were they just after big checks/cheques from RZIM? Michael did not bother to look into this and provide support for Ravi and his wife. She also wanted to stay in their home. She was given a 90 day notice and got evicted from her home. That’s cruel. She is a widow who needs our support. She was forced from her job and evicted from her home. Ravi made MIchael Ramsden the President of RZIM because he trusted him as a friend. Now this is what Michael did to Ravi’s widow. 

    Now, if you watched my videos, I condemned Ravi’s sins but I also supported his family members. But all these close friends of Ravi like Michael, Stuart McAllister, Abdu Murray, Vince Vitale did not extend any public support to Ravi’s family members. Naomi Zacharias did so much service to the poor and abused women through the Wellspring Organization. In India, we have Asia’s biggest slum called Dharavi. It’s area is 2.2 square kilometers and it has over a million people. Many women here are living in extreme poverty and in abusive relationships. Many of them were forced into sex trade. Naomi Zacharias did so much service to them. Her organization is gone. Michael was supposed to help her and her organization during these turbulent days. He did not do that. Nathan Zacharias also lost his job. He was not given any help. 

     So, Michael Ramsden is smart enough to keep his job through this ordeal. Ravi loved him, gave him a six figure salary and tons of other benefits. When Ravi needed support, Michael left him. Well, that is how ‘friendships’ turned out to be in our modern age. Use when you can, and leave when you can.

    RZIM teams had been preaching the Word of God around the world. I invited them to my college when I was in India. That evangelical ministry is the most important work we should do during these days. That has been stopped and RZIM became an organization that gives grants to abuse victims. 

   My answer to your question is, Michael Ramsden did not behave in a manner consistent with the scriptures. 

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