Voddie Baucham deserves death for plagiarism?

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Today’s question is: Voddie Bachuam is accused of plagiarism and some people are wishing for his death. What is the truth in this matter? 

Thank you for your question. Voddie Baucham’s new book ‘Fault Lines’ became a best seller among religion books during the last 3 months after its publication. Voddie is a respected conserrvative Christian leader who took a stand against spreading critical race theory among Christian institutions. 

In his book, Voddie explored the ideas of professor Richard Delgado, one of the founders of critical race theory. 

Some bloggers like Joel McDurmon claimed that Voddie misrepresented the work of Richard Delgrado in his book. McDurmon also argues that Voddie plagiarized the work of James Lindsay. Dr.Lindsay is a mathematician and a commentator. He explains the critical race theory and its objectives on his website www.newdiscourses.com. But Dr.Lindsay came out in support of Voddie Baucham. 

If you look at Joel McDurmon’s twitter page, you will see that he is going for the throat of Voddie Baucham. This is textbook plagiarism, this is copycat authorship etc. 

His publisher Salem Books came out and defended Voddie’s book. Mr.Tim Peterson of Salem Books said that it was ok not to document everything in academic style. Voddie was not writing an academic text book on critical race theory. He was writing a popular book for Christians. So, it was not a big deal’

In recent times, we have so many news stories about plagiarism. Ed Litton,the current SBC president has been accused of plagiarizing its former president J.D.Greear. On one hand, we should be careful not to plagiarize other people’s works and to go proper credit to the sources when we quote them in our books and speeches.  

 On the other hand, we should not allow jealousy to take over our hearts when our colleagues become more successful than us. Joel McDurmon and Voddie both have been Christian leaders working to promote the kingdom of God. When the book publisher says there is no plagiarism involved, you should leave it at that. 

   Voddie Baucham has been taking a stand for the biblical truth for many decades. I agree with most of the things he says. Since the death of George Floyd, we have been bombarded with the social justice movement. We want to see a society where every individual is respected and loved. Voddie says there is more to critical race theory than what we see. He says CRT is actually against the Bible, it is an outgrowth of Marxist philosophy. He quotes Colossians 2:8, ‘see to it that no one takes you captive

 by philosophy and empty deceit, 

according to human tradition, according

 to the elemental spirits of the world, 

and not according to Christ’. 

                      Colossians 2:8

    The church in our time has abandoned the Word of God and embraced human philosophies, human opinions and human traditions. Voddie says we should put away these Marxist, modernist, Darwinist, and even atheist philosophies that have taken over our society, our institutions, our politics and now even our churches. 

   He says forgiveness is the key to healing. I like that. In Critical race theory, there is no place for God, for the redemption that comes through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, and for forgiveness of our enemies. It is about reorganization of society along racial lines. It is about revenge, not forgiveness. 

While driving home this evening, I saw a sticker on the car in front of me. It says, if you want peace, fight for justice. If you want peace, fight for justice. Those words encapsulated the spirit of our age. Peace comes through fighting. That is contrary to the gospel message. The Bible says peace comes when we confess our sins and receive forgiveness through our Lord Jesus Christ. Making peace with God is the first step to making peace with our neighbors. We make peace with God when we go to the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Voddie emphasized this point and I commend him for that. 

   Some of Voddie’s opponents wished him death. Voddie should have died when he got a heart attack. That is another characteristic of our times. Wishing death to your opponents. That is not right. If you don’t like his ideas, criticize his ideas. But don’t wish him death. Jesus Christ our Lord said, ‘love your enemies and pray for them’. If you don’t like voddie, pray for him. That is how you show the love of Christ. 

That’s my answer to your question. 

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