Zakir Naik & Yvonne Ridley celebrate Taliban

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Today’s question is, Dr.Zakir Naik and Mrs. Yvonne Ridley praised Taliban which took control of Kabul and Afghanistan. Is this a good response? 

Good question. 

Zakir Naik says that Taliban are wonderful practitioners of Islam. If they are so wonderful, why are so many Muslims so desperate to leave Afghanistan? 

We are seeing mind-boggling images from Afghanistan. Over the weekend, I saw an image of a chinook helicopter making rounds over the US Embassy in Kabul. Then I thought of the fall of Saigon in 1975. A helicopter landing on the rooftop and evacuating people from Vietnam. 

Today, I saw more terrible images. The scene is Kabul International Airport. I saw desperate Afghans clinging to American planes as they left the airport. A C-17 transport plane is leaving the airport. Hundreds of Afghan Muslims surrounded it. Two Apache helicopters were flying around it to clear the runway. Some people still clung to the the sides of the plane. Moments later when the plane was well above the runway, we see two people falling from the aircraft. 

Those are heartbreaking images. Please pray for the people of Afghanistan. They are mostly Muslims. But they are not our enemies. In 21st century, there are places from which people are so desperate to flee. The people in Kabul are desperately trying to flee their country as the Taliban takes over Afghanistan. Dr.Zakir Naik says the Taliban are wonderful people. 

Look at his video. I gave the link below ( The title of the video is, ‘How did Taaliban treat Yvonne Ridley, a white British lady?’ That’s hilarious. zakir described Mrs. Ridley as a white British lady. Why does it matter whether she is white or black or brown? Yet, Dr.Zakir takes pride because Islam is attracting white women. 

Yvonne Ridley was in bondage for 11 days. The Taliban incarcerated her. She says, ‘they are so wonderful people. I heard so many bad things about them. George Bush said they were evil people. But they were so nice to me. After enjoying hospitality, I thought, this is real Islam, and I got converted. 

      Now, Zakir Naik says, ‘look at Yvonne Ridley. She is a white lady. The Taliban treated her so wonderfully and she became a Muslim. Aren’t they so wonderful? If Taliban were cruel towards women, how can you explain the conversion of non-Muslim women to Islam? Many women convert to Islam, that means Islam must be good. Taliban must be good.’

First of all, it is a logical fallacy called Generalization fallacy. Zakir Naik is a crackpot. He makes these logical fallacies in all his videos but his gullible audience do not see through them. Just because the Taliban treats you well, that does not mean they are good people. That does not mean their ideology is good. A Nazi might treat you well. You may feel great in the presence of a few Nazis but that does not make Naziism a good philosophy to live by. That is an illogical way to evaluate any system of thought in life. A group of Republicans may make me feel great with their hospitality. ‘Republicans treated me so well. So, I am joining Republican Party’

A group of Democrats may make me feel great with their hospitality. ‘Democrats treated so well. So, I am joining Democratic Party’. That is not logical. 

 Yvonne Ridley spent only 11 days with the Taliban. Also, as a British journalist she was highly critical of Israel and a vocal supporter of Palestinians. The Taliban were smart people. When they looked at Mrs.Ridley, they probably thought, ‘Mrs.Ridley would be a great fit in Islam. She already hates Israel and loves Palestine. She would be a useful idiot for our propaganda’. So, they treated her well, gave her a Quran and converted her successfully. 

     I am not impressed by such conversions. Muslims should not celebrate such conversions. Suppose if Mrs.Ridley went to India and a group of Hindu extremists took her into bondage for 11 days. Then they treated her so well. Then she would say, ‘Hindus treated me so well. So, I am leaving Islam and converting to Hinduism’. That is a feelings based religion. It is not grounded on the truth. Dont become a Christian just because a group of Christians treated you well. When you fall into the hands of a group of rude Christians, you will leave Christianity. 

    Jesus Christ our Lord once said, ‘You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me. John 5:39 

Eternal life is in the Word of God. You should search it and find out what they teach and who they point to. 

   The word of God, prophet after prophet, pointed to Jesus Christ as the way, the truth and the life. Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of all God’s prophecies concerning human salvation. Jesus’s birth, his life, his crucifixion and his resurrection from the dead were promised by God and were exactly unfolded in human history. Jesus is God’s final prophet. We should make peace with God through Jesus. Muhammad cannot take the place of Jesus because Muhammad was human just like you and me. 

   Also, Mrs.Ridley’s experience of Taliban is not the same experience shared by millions of women who lived under Taliban. Today I watched CNN. The Pentagon spokesman John Kirby was answering questions from journalists. One Afghan journalist, a female journalist, cried that the Taliban took control of her country. Yvonne Ridley is a British journalist who spent only 11 days with the Taliban, but this Afghan journalist spent many years under their rule. And tonight she is crying for her country. They were pulling down all the posters depicting women. They were closing down all public places for women. Because the Taliban does not like any women going out without a face cover. They don’t care about face masks. They care about face covers. They don’t care whether a woman is vaccinated or not. They care about whether a dress reaches her ankles. 

Women in Afghanistan now stopped going to schools and colleges, they are not going out shopping, they are not going out to restaurants, they are not even going to hospitals, the first female mayor said she is waiting for the Taliban to come and kill her. So that is the real status of women under Taliban. Zakir Naik and Mrs.Ridley do not see it. They say women will have a great time under the Taliban.

Zakir Nair says if Osama Bin Laden and Taliban, if they are fighting for Islam, I am for them

He says in this video, that every Muslim must be a terrorist. 

Zakir Naik is the problem, he is not the solution. Even Americans are not getting it. They wasted 20 years in Afghanistan spending trillions of dollars and thousands of precious lives. Tonight, they fled in humiliation. They failed to plant a vibrant democracy in Afghanistan. 

I am not surprised because in Islam, there is no equality. When there is no equality, you cannot build a democracy. In Islam, there is no separation of mosque and state. When there is no separation between mosque and the state, you cannot build a true democracy. Last night, sitting in the presidential palace, the Taliban recited the Quran. As long as they recite the Quran, there will not be any hope for Afghanistan. 

   If, for the last twenty years, if Americans distributed New Testaments to the people in Afghanistan, if they told them that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior, things would have been entirely different tonight. No one treated women better than our Savior, Lord Jesus Christ. 

   That’s my answer to your question. Let us continue to pray for Afghan people. 



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