RZIM’s Sarah Davis’ new ministry under attack

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Today’s question: RZIM’s Sarah Davis started a new ministry called Encounter, which came under attacks from critics. Is this right?

Ravi Zacharias eldest daughter Sarah Davis started a new ministry called Encounter. She is the former CEO of RZIM. She wants to continue the apologetics ministry through a new organization she christened as Encounter.

First of all, there is nothing wrong with starting a new organization. The essence of Christianity is forgiveness. God forgives us when we genuinely repent. In John chapter 8, a woman was caught in adultery and taken to Lord Jesus Christ. He asked the crowd, ‘ those of you who never sinned cast the first stone’. Those of you who never sinned cast the first stone. None of them could cast any stones at that woman. Our blessed Savior told her, ‘now go and sin no more’

     Sarah Davis was caught in adultery. This is spiritual adultery. Taking donations from people, using it for sexual pleasures, living a lavish style using Lord’s money, protecting your family from criticism….that is spiritual adultery. She was caught. Now, the question is, did she repent or is she selling the same old wine in a new bottle? If you are trying to sell the same old wine in a new bottle with a new name, that will have the same toxic results. Had she repented of her sins, we should welcome her back into the ministry because God is a God of second chances. We should not blame her for the sins of her father. Had she covered up any evil, then she deserves our criticisms. 

      Ruth Malhotra immediately attacked Sarah Davis in a tweet. 

I’m disappointed to read that Sarah Zacharias Davis is launching a “new”ministry as reported by @CTmagazine. Davis was at the helm leading @RZIMhq for many years while one of the worst cases of sexual abuse+spiritual abuse in ministry took place..

    This is the problem with Indians. We attack each other wherever we go. In this scenario, we have one Indian woman attacking another Indian woman. Sarah Davis lost her dad, lost her reputation, lost her organization and lost her income. Instead of encouraging her and supporting her, Ruth Malhotra is openly attacking her in her tweets. Ravi gave her a good job and good name recognition but Ruth Malhotra is not showing any gratitude towards Ravi or his family. 

     Carson Weitnauer also responded with a mean tweet. He wrote, ‘If it walks like a duck, acts like a duck, and quacks like a duck, but wants to be called a chicken, what is it? It is a duck.The new name and the new legal structure do not change that this organization is effectively RZIM.’ 

Ravi gave him a nice job but Carson only fostered bitterness in his heart towards Ravi. He reminds me of John Bolton around Donald Trump. John Bolton served as the national security adviser under President Trump. He is a big time warmonger. Trump did not like his warmongering and kicked him out of the White House. Ever since, we see John Bolton all over the CNN, MSNBC and other leftist media disparaging the former President. He developed a grudge towards Trump. Criticize Trump once or twice and move on. He gave you a job in the White House, and you are not grateful. He kicked you out because you are a warmonger.

     Carson is behaving like John Bolton. You can feel the grudge and bitterness he developed towards Ravi Zacharias. Ravi gave you a nice job in his organization. Show some gratitude! 

     We condemned Ravi’s sins and criticized his actions. But we should restore him back to the flock. 

Now, don’t misunderstand me here. You can watch my videos where I criticized Ravi for his sexual sins. But at some point, we should reach out and restore a fallen brother or sister.

I asked some hard questions because I am so politically incorrect. I asked questions no one dared to ask because I wanted to know the truth and go to the bottom of all of it. I asked questions from both right and left.

From the left, I asked

  1. How many women did Ravi abuse?
  2. How did RZIM leadership cover his abuses?
  3. How much money did they spend to cover up Ravi’s sins?
  4. What happened to the Guideposts investigation? Why are they not releasing the report?
  5. We read about all those hotlines for Ravi’s alleged victims to report on his abuses. What did they report? Till this day, there is no openness on this matter.

From the right, I asked

  1. Why did they wait until Ravi died to bring all these allegations against him?
  2. Why did they not speak up when he was alive?
  3. How much money did each woman receive from RZIM as part of the settlement?
  4. Why did Christianity Today release their report on Ravi just before the US Presidential election? Were they mad at Ravi for endorsing Donald Trump and Mike Pence? Were they planning to discourage evangelical voters by their bombshell report on their favorite preacher?
  5. Why did Christianity Today dig up dirt on Ravi from his closed businesses and release the details just before the US Presidential election?
  6. Why did they kick Ravi’s wife from her house?

So, I asked politically incorrect questions from both right and left. Sarah Davis should answer these questions. If she genuinely repents, I will definitely encourage her in the ministry. Because we serve a loving God who generously forgives us and gives us many opportunities to serve him.

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