Kangana’s Madness: Irrational Attacks on Jesus & Gandhi

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Today’s question: Kangana Ranaut says that God did not just speak through his Son Jesus but through all the universe. Then she tweeted that India got freedom in 2014, not in 1947. Is this right? 

What enlightenment? India got independence in 2014, not in 1947. In 2014, Narendra Modi got elected as the Prime Minister of India. So, she is pitting Mr.Modi against Gandhi himself. Donald Trump once called Mr.Modi, the father of India. Now, many people in India have been saying, Modi is the father of India, not Gandhi. India got independence in 2014, not in 1947. 

First of all, who is this Kangana? Kangana Ranaut is a famous Indian actress from Bollywood. She acted in many blockbuster movies and became one of the highest paid actresses in India. She is also known for making outrageous comments on twitter. She leaves no stone unturned. She leaves no group untouched. In her latest tweet she said, ‘Indira Gandhi crushed Khalistanis like mosquitoes.’ I don’t agree with her on many things, but I applaud her courage. Freedom of speech must be respected. It is a shame that she has to be under 24/7 security just to express her mind. She has Y plus security provided by the federal government of India. That is sad that  you need security to speak up your mind. Let us hope that every Indian will have the freedom to express his or her mind without 24/7 security from the government.

First, Let us see the first tweet: “Hamare yahan bhagwan ka beta ya messenger ya nati pota nahin aata…seedhe Bhagwan khud aa jate hain….hamare liye mata pita dharti aakash samast brahmand sab Bhagwan he hain” 

 My Hindi is poor but the translation goes like this: God has not spoken through his Son or grandson or a messenger. But He has spoken to us through everything. 

    As a Hindu, she believes in pantheism, that God is in everything and God speaks to us through everything and everyone. She can preach her beliefs without taking a swipe at Christians, who believe that God spoke to us through his Son, Lord Jesus Christ or at Muslims, who believe that God spoke to us through a messenger, Muhammad. But she decided to irritate Christians by making a rude remark about their religion. 

    She also spoke against Gandhi. On Tuesday, Kangana shared an old newspaper article and wrote, “Either you are a Gandhi fan or Netaji supporter. You can’t be both, choose and decide.” The newspaper had an old article from the 1940s with the headline, “Gandhi, others agreed to hand over Netaji.” Gandhi agreed to hand over Netaji to the British? Kangana says that is unforgivable. That disqualifies Gandhi from being called the Father of India. 

Both Gandhi and Netaji fought against the British. Gandhi chose non-violence in his fight for Independence for India. But Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose chose violence to get rid of the British from India. To my surprise, Bose even met Adolf Hitler and asked for his assistance to fight the British. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Kangana says, ‘either you are with Gandhi or with Netaji. You can’t be both, choose and decide’. Excellent logic. She is applying the law of non-contradiction to her thinking. Either you can support Gandhi or Netaji. You cannot support both. Gandhi despised violence. Netaji loved violence. Their differences went as far as Gandhi agreeing to hand over Netaji to the British. Their movements are ideologically and methodically incompatible with each other. Kangana got it right. 

    Sadly, she has not used the same logic when it comes to her religious opinions. She says, God manifests in every one. If that is true, God is seen in Gandhi and also in Netaji. But God who manifests through Gandhi cannot manifest through Netaji because they upheld two contradictory philosophies. You see, pantheism is such an irrational mess. For example, Shankaracharya says there is no dualism. Ramanujacharya says there is dualism. But Hinduism says both are valid beliefs. Just like Gandhi and Netaji both cannot be true, Shankaracharya and Ramanujacharya both cannot be true. So, Hinduism is logically inconsistent. 

   Like Kangana, Gandhi was also a pantheist. He believed that God is seen in everyone. Gandhi took pantheism in a positive direction. He said, ‘Whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim or a Sikh or Jain or Christian, I see God in you and you all belong to India. In her politics, Kangana is contradicting her pantheism. She says, ‘I see God in everything and in everyone. But Muslims and Christians don’t belong in India.’ If you see God in everyone, how can you say, some people belong to India and some don’t? That irony is lost on Kangana who has been  contradicting her pantheism in politics. That is the reality folks. Pantheism sounds good in your thoughts but in practical matters like politics, it utterly fails. Gandhi practised what he preached. Kangana is not practicing what she preaches. 

   Also, when it comes to Jesus, she is mistaken  – seriously  mistaken. God revealed to humanity through Lord Jesus Christ, who said, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life and no man can come to the Father (God) except through me’ (John 14:6). Either me or nobody. There is only one Savior and that is me. That is consistent with logic. The law of non-contradiction is satisfied in that statement. 

    Jesus says, only my blood will cover your sins and give you forgiveness of sins. Muhammad says, you don’t need the blood of Jesus to have your sins forgiven, devotion to Allah is enough. Krishna says the same thing, you don’t need the blood of Jesus to have your sins forgiven, devotion of Vishnu is enough. Jesus made a logically valid statement. He and Muhammad both cannot be true. He and Krishna, both cannot be true. 

   So for Kangana to say that God manifested to us through Jesus, Muhammad, Krishna, Buddha, earth, water, space, fire is logically contradictory. In pantheism, even an atheist is a manifestation of God. That is silly nonsense. 

   I hope Kangana will see through the contradiction she is living through. On one hand, she says, God is in everything. On the other hand, she says, ‘we must choose Gandhi or Netaji. We cannot have both’. 

  To be logically consistent, she must refuse one of her positions. Either pantheism or dualism. She cannot have both. She cannot say, ‘I will uphold pantheism in my religion’ and ‘I will uphold dualism when it comes to Gandhi and Netaji’ 

  Christian faith is built upon logic and evidence. Jesus claimed to be the only way to God. He went to the cross to shed his holy blood on the cross to provide us the forgiveness of sins. He took our place. Karma says, you must pay. Grace says, ‘Jesus paid’. He paid for your sins. He died for your sins. He was buried. Then on the third, He rose again from the dead. He is the only human being who defeated death. He provided us with evidence to support his claims of exclusivity. His claims are built on logic and evidence. 

   I am not angry at Kangana. I hope and pray that she realizes that she is a sinner who needs forgiveness of her sins. I hope she realizes her need for a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. 

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