Visiting Harvard University

Puritans also gave immense importance to education. They established Harvard University. Now, let us go to Harvard. Which university produced most Nobel laureates in the world? the answer is Harvard University. It is hard to believe that this prestigious university was established by Puritans. But that is true. 

    In 1636 Puritans established this university. They wanted to educate individuals for the ministry. In 1638, John Harvard gave his inheritance to this institution and it took upon his name. Originally it was a divinity school. 

Later it started law, philosophy, economics, biology, engineering and medicine. Widener library has over 3 million books, making it the largest university library in the world. Harvard produced millions of graduates since its inception. Over 160 Nobel laureates. Scientists like Marvin Minsky and Steven Pinker Philosophers like William James and Jacques Derrida Politicians like John F Kenney and Barack Obama. Supreme Court judges like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Neil Gorsuch. Technocrats like Marc Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg. 

Satan goes to the Garden: 

Sadly, not everything is good about Harvard. You see, Satan enters every Christian institution and plants his corrupt teachings. Harvard became a fertile ground for many ungodly, unChristian ideologies over the years. 

William Buckley Jr once said that he would rather be governed by the first 100 names in the Boston telephone book rather by the faculty of Harvard University. There is some truth to those words. But overall, God blessed

a pastor’s vision to establish a university for the glory of Christ and transformed it into a global institution which profited countless lives. Now, let us go to the art museum. 

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