How we lost Britain: less than half of Britons now Christians

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In today’s episode, let us take a look at the latest news from the United Kingdom.

For the first time, less than half of the population of England and Wales now consider themselves Christians. 

Many atheists are celebrating this news. But for us as Christians that is bad news. We should ask ourselves, how did we lose Britain, one of the most important nations in the Christian West? 

To answer this question, we must look into history. How did we conquer Britain in the first place? Before Christianity arrived, Britain was a pagan place. It was engaged in the worship of nature, diversity of gods and goddesses, human sacrifice, and a violent way of life. 

    Christianity brought radically different concepts to Britain: There is only the Creator God. He creates us, sustains us with His generosity, rules our affairs, leads our destinies, and judges our life styles. He manifested to us in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ. He commands our lives with His Word. Human beings are a special creation of God made in His own image. 

     These core Christian truths helped England change its course from paganism into a Judeo-Christian nation. Its inhabitants turned to Creator God rather than his creation. They abandoned all gods except Lord Jesus Christ. All lifestyles condemned by the Bible were relegated to shunned and prohibited activities. 

      All of that has changed in the last 150 years. Charles Darwin came and said, ‘You are not created by God. You are just products of mindless, purposeless nature’. That Darwinian view of nature seeped into every domain of life in Britain. People started to say, ‘So God did not create me! I am just a product of blind nature. I don’t have to live by the commandments of God. I don’t have to worry about heaven or hell, angels or demons, sins and tithes. Why do I even have to go to church on Sunday morning? I would rather go to a library and read a good book or go to a movie theater or beach?’ 

       This Darwinian view of nature took over both secular and religious institutions. Human beings are no longer eternal beings with an eternal soul calibrated to the commandments of God. They are reduced to walking, talking,  temporary collections of biological matter stimulated by hormones and enzymes. This article in the Washington Post on the decline of Christianity featured an image of Archbishop Rowan Williams. He is shown leading an interfaith group in a climate repentance ceremony. That image explains it all. In today’s Britain, if you commit any sin, that could be against the climate or your fellow human being or your government. You must ask for repentance from the climate or society or government. You cannot sin against a holy God or Lord Jesus Christ. Salvation comes through climate activism not through the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ. Your most important fear in life is not how to escape hell but to escape a climate catastrophe. 

    So, of all people, archbishop Rowan Williams has given up on the New Testament gospel of Christ. I am not surprised to see dying churches all over Britain. They abandoned the Word of God and descended into apostasy and blasphemy. Our Lord told in the Book of Revelation, to the church in Laodicea.  

I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. Revelation 3:15-16 

    The Church of England followed Darwin more than God. It followed human opinion rather than the Word of God. It preached secular salvation more than the salvation through Christ. And our Lord spit it out of his mouth. As a result, it was reduced to a community center to fight climate change, to teach yoga and to promote diversity in the neighborhood. 

     So, the first reason that we lost Britain is that Christians abandoned the Bible and Christian gospel, which conquered the pagan Britain in the first place. In the Bible, God’s people lose battles – not because their enemies were strong but they stop following God wholeheartedly. Every battle Israel lost in the Bible was when it followed its own methods rather than following God and obeying His Word. We lost Britain not because Darwin was strong but because we gave up on the authority of the Bible. 

 Now, some non-Christians have been celebrating the decline of Christianity in Europe. It is not something to celebrate. It is something to cry about. Christianity is the only thought system that teaches the uniqueness of human beings in nature and the holiness of a righteous God. 

     What would stop an average English man from following ‘x’? He or she would say, ‘I feel good about this’. ‘I feel good about that’. When people abandon God, they simply follow what makes them feel good. That is Romans chapter 1. They descend into complete depravity as they move away from the Holy God of the Bible. That is precisely what you see: depravity, disorder, depression, drug abuse, demographic decline and death. 

What would stop an atheist or a pagan from becoming a cannibal? The answer is nothing. Animals eat other animals. That is the foundational reality of nature. Neither atheism nor paganism uphold the Unique nature of human beings as creatures made in the image of God. 

     Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life. Because He is the Way, any society without Jesus is a lost society. Because He is the truth, any society without Jesus is a false society. Because He is life, any society without Jesus is a dead society. So, there is nothing to celebrate about the decline of Christian faith. 

Finally, as Christians we can be confident about reconquering Britain for Christ. You might say, how?. Well, we already did once when a handful of Christian evangelists went to Roman Britain and conquered it for Christ. Nothing is impossible for God. So, let us pray for Britain.

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