Visiting Yellowstone Park: God’s Final Warning to Sinners! 


A Living Witness to Genesis Flood 

Welcome to Defender’s Voice. This is Dr.Paul. Thank you for joining us today. Please send your questions to Defender’s voice is about looking at the world through Christian eyes using Bible as our guide. Today I am coming to you from Yellowstone National Park. It is located in the state of Wyoming in the United States. Yesterday I flew to Bozeman, Montana and came here by driving. 

    Yellowstone is a fascinating place. It is a wonder of geology. A marvel of paleontology. It is full of stunning geothermal features like hot springs, mud pools, geysers, and fumaroles. You can see beautiful pine trees. You can spend time around wild animals like bisons and bears. 

    I entered the park through Western gate. As you can see there are a lot of visitors to this park. You may find standing in a long line. Still it is worth your time to go to this natural wonder. 

    Watching the eruption of Old Faithful Geyser is a wonderful experience. Walking in the river and collecting the algae is fun. Looking at a bear walking gracefully across the woods will stay in our memories for a long time. The tall mountains, the gorgeous valleys and spectacular waterfalls…their beauty is hard to describe in words. So, take time to visit this great place of God’s creation. 

   I strongly believe that Yellowstone played a key role in God’s judgment over humanity during the Great Flood recorded in the Book of Genesis, chapters 6 and 7. The scientific evidence we find here supports my view beyond a shadow of doubt. 


   Even secular evolutionists agree that the formation of  Yellowstone Park was a rapid event. This sits over a super volcano which is supported by a gigantic hotspot. As I walked over this place, I had a scary feeling in my heart because this volcano can blow up again at any moment. 

      Yellowstone is a caldera of the size 60 by 32 kilometers. Now, what in the world is a caldera? A caldera is a large volcanic crater formed by a major eruption leading to the collapse of the mouth of the volcano. How big is the mouth? 32 kilometers. Think about that folks. 32 kilometers. Many great volcanoes are like 2 kilometers or 3 kilometers in size. Yellowstone is 32 kilometers in size. God used this Yellowstone volcano to destroy this world during the Genesis Flood. This global flood happened in 2348 BC. The Bible says in Genesis chapter 7:11

the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.

Note those words. Genesis Flood was not just lots and lots of rain. The fountains of the great deep broken up and the windows of heaven were opened up. The hotspots from the inner earth ascended up, the magma chambers came to the surface and volcanoes erupted with cataclysmic global events. That must be a terrifying thing to watch for all the sinners who refused to believe in the message of repentance preached by Noah. Those volcanoes swallowed them alive. 

   God used Yellowstone to bring His judgment over the sinners in 2348 BC. And He can do that again if he wants to. Yellowstone is breathing. That means the floor is rising as the magma chamber gets bigger. Every year this ground is rising 2.5 inches a year. If this supervolcano blows up again, millions of people will die within a few hours. The temperature inside the magma chamber is That might happen during the 7 year tribulation period. The temperature inside the magma chamber is 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. It will destroy everything it touches. 

    The hot springs we see here were, at one time, in Oregon. So, these hot springs are not stable. They are moving. We have Deccan Traps in India. They are nast areas of molten lava. The hotspot under Deccan Traps moved away from where it was before. I can see molten lava all around this place. If God gives one order, Yellowstone, the Deccan Traps and all other hotspots around the world will erupt within a few seconds. 

    I am surprised to find a Grand Canyon here. It was formed in a similar process to the Grand Canyon we see in Arizona. The hotspot lifted up this area and the river is flowing carving deep canyons along its path. 

God’s Grace was shown to Noah even when the Flood ravaged millions of others. We can see God’s Grace here because God created two beautiful rivers from the Yellowstone catastrophic eruption. The Yellowstone River and the Snake River begin here and flow in different directions. The Yellowstone River flows into the mighty Missouri River and eventually Atlantic Ocean. The Snake River flows into the Columbia towards the west and then into the Pacific Ocean. These two rivers support the lives of millions of people as they flow through America. That’s the Grace of God came out of the Genesis Flood. 

    Also, Yellowstone is located right along thr Continental Divide. Another scientific evidence that it was formed during the Genesis Flood because continents were divided during the Flood. 

  Around the noon, I went to see the most famous Geyser in the Yellowstone Park, the Old Faithful. I sat down with hundreds of other visitors to watch the spectacle. 8000 gallons of water rising as high as 185 feet into the air. It erupts every 90 minutes, Thats is why it got the name Old Faithful. Rainwater percolates for kilometers into the ground between the rocks, then gets heated up by the magma chamber and rises up to the surface. Small or large there are over 309 geysers in this park. There are over 10,000 geothermal features in this park. 

  They include fumaroles, places where steam erupts without water. Hot springs, where water bubbles up without steam; mud pots,  where hot water boils like soup. 

   The most spectacular hot spring at Yellowstone is the Grand Prismatic Spring. It became an icon of Yellowstone for many decades. It is one of the most beautiful natural wonders anywhere in the world. How does a hot spring get its colors? They come from living organisms which thrive under the extreme conditions of a hot spring. 

   These living organisms are single-called. The evolutionists labeled them as ‘archaea’, implying they are primitive. But there is nothing primitive about them. They display the grandeur of God’s wisdom. We all became familiar with Covid PCR tests due to the ongoing Covid Pandemic. How did this PCR technology become widespread? It all started with these peculiar bacteria which thrive under extreme temperatures. There is an interesting story about those developments in genetic technology. 

   The bacteria in the hot springs, called thermophiles, can grow in temperatures as high as 251°F. Think about it for a moment. 251°F. The water in the hot spring looks crystal clear and enchanting. It can be tempting to jump into it and savor its warmth. But that would be your last dive. Recently a man came here with his dog. The dog jumped into the hot spring. To save the dog, the man also jumped into it. Both died immediately. 

   We cannot survive a swim in this hot spring. But those bacteria can survive and grow here. In 1960s, microbiologist Thomas Brock and his assistant Hudson Freeze were fascinated by the uniqueness of these bacteria and stated to study their structure and functions. They discovered a bacterium called Thermus aquaticus. 

   In 1983, a chemist named Kary Mullis developed a genetic technology called polymerase chain reaction. 

In DNA replication, the cells use an enzyme called DNA polymerase to copy each strand of DNA. First, we should be able to separate the 2 DNA strands so that one strand could be copied. To achieve this separation, high temperatures around 203° Fahrenheit were needed. The problem is when you heat a cell at such a high temperature, the enzyme DNA polymerase will be degraded. To overcome this obstacle, scientists wanted a version of this enzyme which could survive such high temperatures. That is where Yellowstone comes into the picture. The extremophiles or Thermophes which grow in the hot springs of Yellowstone already possess a version of DNA polymerase which can withstand such high temperatures. Scientists took the enzyme from these bacteria and inserted it into their PCR technology. That changed the face of genetics forever. You can take a piece of DNA and make millions of its copies within a few minutes. You can study the quality of the water you drink, you can develop new crops in agriculture, you can understand the relationships between different groups of people, you can develop new medications, you can develop new vaccines, you can investigate a crime scene by collecting the hair, skin, body fluids etc. 

The great PCR technology and biochemistry industry owe their success to the DNA technology God placed within these peculiar bacteria. But how many people take a moment to thank God for His genius in creation? Evolutionists say ‘nature gave us this technology’ as if nature has a mind of its own. In the entire Yellowstone National Park, there is not one reference to God who created it. What a shame! We reap benefits from God’s creation and never praise His glorious name. 

    As I walked around these hot springs, I could smell sulphur. It smells like rotten eggs. Hydrogen sulfide comes to the surface  from deep within the earth. Some microorganisms convert the gas to sulfuric acid, which then breaks down rock to form the acid lakes. The pH of the acid lakes is around 1 – 2, like car battery fluid. One young man jumped into this lake for fun and got dissolved in the lake within a few minutes. 

   When I went around this lake smelling sulfur, I thought of the words from Genesis 19:24, where it says, 

    “Then the Lord rained on Sodom and Gomorrah sulfur and fire from the Lord out of heaven”. Genesis 19:24 

In the Bible, sulfur and fire stand for the judgment of God. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God using the sulfur and fire. If we look around the area surrounding the Dead Sea in Israel, we can see heaps of sulfur salts. 

     Hell if full of sulfur and fire. In the earlier days, some explorers called the Yellowstone acid lakes as ‘smokes of hell’. Their thinking went along the knowledge of the Bible. Evolutionists completely secularized this place with their natural selection and millions and billions of years of chronology that today not many people think of the judgment of God when they smell sulfur in this place. 

     Global Flood recorded in Genesis was a time of God’s judgment upon this earth. God opened the windows of heaven and the great depths of the earth to produce a rain of fire and sulfur. 

   In Revelation 9:17, we read about the future judgment of God in which fire and sulfur play a role. 

And this is how I saw the horses in my vision and those who rode them: they wore breastplates the color of fire and of sapphire and of sulfur, and the heads of the horses were like lions’ heads, and fire and smoke and sulfur came out of their mouths. Revelation 9:17

     When the 6th Trumpet judgment is unleashed, a third of the world’s population will die. Fire, smoke and sulfur play a dominant role in this judgment. The Bible clearly says that a third of the world’s population will die in this judgment, and it happens through fire, smoke and sulfur. Only Yellowstone has such firepower. It is the largest supervolcano in the world and if it blows up, it can easily kill a third of the world’s population. 

To summarize, visiting Yellowstone Park today is a great experience for me. I can see the great power of God in His creation. I can see the great wisdom of God even in the genetics of minute bacteria. I can see the holiness of God that He sent a global Flood upon this planet when it’s inhabitants cared less about His holy standards. I can see a future eruption of this supervolcano when God orders it to explode as we read in the Book of Revelation.

In the building near the Old Faithful Geyser, I saw a digital screen announcing the next eruption of the geyser. It predicts the next eruption based on the patterns of the geyser’s behavior. Using God’s Word as our guide, we can safely predict that God will use this supervolcano again to bring judgment on the unrepentant sinners of this world. 

 If you are not saved through faith in Lord Jesus Christ, today is the day you should repent of your sins and come to God. 

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