Egypt eating itself : Muslim on Muslim violence

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 12.01.45 PM.pngAnother horrible attack in Egypt, this time claiming 235 lives of Sufi Muslims. The terrorists first threw bombs on the mosque, then shot the people….then also waited for ambulances to arrive and then shot medical staff who came to help the victims. Pure evil unfolding in the Sinai desert. Sufis are considered heretical Muslims and are stamped for death by Orthodox Muslims.

From Law to Grace to Law: 

In the Sinai desert where this terrorist act happened, God gave the Law to Moses. Fourteen hundred years later, God came to this world in the person of Lord Jesus Christ. He went to the cross and died for our sins and rose again from the grave on the third day. Grace…that is a profound word. It encapsulates what God did for us. There is now nothing we can do to save ourselves except having faith in Christ.

Islam rejected the grace. It rejected the death and resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ. It went back to the law. That is the tragic mistake. Legalism is dangerous. Apostle Paul warned about the consequences of abandoning the grace of Christ and returning to the law.

Islamic orthodoxy teaches implementing sharia, the law of Allah unconditionally. In the process, it eliminates all obstacles. Every groups is falling victim to their ideology: Christians, Jews, Hindus, now even Muslims. Sufis, Sunnis in Shiite lands, Shiites in Sunni lands, Ahmadis are Muslim victims of this Islamic orthodoxy.

Nabeel Qureshi, who is now with the Lord,  was a convert from Ahmadi Islam to Christianity. Some Muslim groups said, ‘Nabeel had never been a Muslim’, because according to them, Ahmadis are not Muslims. Does it explain why the Sunni Muslims butchering Ahmadis in Pakistan?  Something similar happening in Egypt. Sufis are not considered Muslims by Sunni Muslims. Their whirling Dervishes and dances are too worldly for Allah.

What is missing in Islam? Grace 

From Egypt to London subway station, Islamic radicals are waging jihad to bring the whole world under the subjection of Allah. They want to help God bring his kingdom. They should realize that is not what God intended for our salvation. God sacrificed His Son for our sins. The death and resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ brought us salvation through the grace of God. May God open the eyes of Muslims to see the grace of God revealed to us through Jesus. Till then, sadly, there will be more and more terrorist acts. From Sufi shrines in the hot deserts of Egypt to air conditioned underground rail cars in London, there will be no safe refuge. Legalism without grace is deadly.

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