North Korea: Atheist Wonderland!


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A North Korean soldier daringly escaped to South Korea. The doctors examined him and found lot of parasites in his body. Like millions in North Korea, this soldier is suffering from infestations and malnutrition. The people of North Korea are suffering silently under the tyranny of Kim Jong-un.

Once upon a time, North Korea was called Jerusalem of the East, known for its freedom of religion and prosperity. The atheistic communists took over this country and now millions are paying a deadly price.

Atheistic Marxism is followed in North Korea to the letter and the misery of people is only worsening year after year. Tragically, our world is still clinging to Marxism.

Christian missionaries have been going to this country and preaching the good news of Lord Jesus Christ to North Koreans. May God liberate North Korea from the clutches of its atheistic dictator.

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