Trump meets Kim Jong Un

Today President Trump made history by becoming the first American President who met a North Korean Premiere. Two headstrong men negotiating to make a deal. Let us hope they succeed because millions of lives will be affected based on their decisions.

Pyongyang was once called Jerusalem of the East. Kim Jong’s great grandfather was a Presbyterian. But his grandfather gave up on God and embraced atheism. North Korea became one big Gulag since it became an atheist nation. Millions of people died in starvation and oppression. Criminals are being fed to dogs in the prisons, which are worse than Nazi prison camps.

Possessing a Bible is a criminal offense that carries death penalty. That is understandable because you cant have both Bible and oppression at the same time. God is the author of liberty and let us pray the North Korea opens its doors to God and liberty as a result of these talks.

Have a nice day!

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