Charles Krauthammer Passes Away


It was in 2001. Haines City, Florida. I went to the public library and picked up a Time magazine from the newspaper shelf. I read an article on Saudi Peace plan for Mid East Peace. I thought within myself that  a very insightful person into foreign affairs might have written this article. My eyes soon glanced at the author’s profile. Charles Krauthammer. That was my first dose of Krauthammer. Ever since, probably, I read most of his articles. They are very philosophical, logical and compelling.

My heart is saddened to hear today that Krauthammer passed away after fighting with a malignant cancer. I lost my mother this year in January to a deadly cancer. So, I know the pain of losing a family member to cancer.

Mr.Krauthammer’s life is an inspiration to all of us. When he was a medical student, he had a diving accident, paralyzed and bound to a wheelchair the rest of his life. Yet, he never wavered. With wit and grit, he faced life with firm determination. He enjoyed his life to the fullest. He loved his wife and son.

He became a psychiatrist. But when he realized that his heart was more into politics and foreign affairs, he left medicine and went to Washington D.C. , became a speech writer to the Presidents, and later a columnist.

His columns were always a great delight to read. He wrote like a philosopher-journalist, giving us a rational discourse on domestic and foreign affairs.

He also faced his death with dignity. I will definitely miss his great personality and insightful opinions.

May God comfort his family.

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