Sarah Sanders kicked out of restaurant

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Sarah Sanders was denied a meal at a restaurant in Virginia. The owner of the restaurant told her to leave because she works for the President. Sarah and her family who were actively eating their food were asked to leave.

This incident shows the toxic, hyper partisan atmosphere taken over American public in the recent years. Once upon a time, Christianity provided a common platform for both right and left. With the erosion of Christianity in the public square, we no longer have any common platform to dialogue with our opponents. ‘We are all Americans’ is sounding increasingly hollow with each passing year because of the radically different worldviews people espouse in our time.

No matter what she believes, or who she serves, Sarah Sanders deserves a proper, professional service at any restaurant in America. Now the secularists say, ‘Did n’t a Christian oppose serving a cake for a gay couple?’. The Christian did not oppose the cake for the gay couple. He opposed it for gay wedding. If the gay couple simply wanted a cake for home consumption, the Christian baker would have happily made it. They wanted him to bake a cake for their wedding. If Sarah Sanders wanted to host a White House party or a pro-life party at Red Hen Restaurant, the owner could exercise the right to deny the service to Sarah. But if Sarah wanted to eat as a private individual, there is no reason to deny her the dinner plate.

Now, Trump supporters might respond to this episode with hanging signs on their businesses like ‘No Progressives Allowed Here’, ‘Entry only to MAGA supporters’ etc. That is not right.

What can cure the toxic political atmosphere in America? The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus said, ‘forgive your enemies and pray for them’. Without Jesus, America has no hope.

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