Belgium: Rising Atheism & Euthanasia on kids

If we can put our dogs to sleep, why not our children?

Belgium legalized euthanasia in 2002 and it extended it to children in 2014 through an amendment. Now it is making more accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.

First they said the medically assisted suicide is only for terminally ill patients with cancer, then it extended to people with other chronic disorders, then to people with dementia, then to people with psychiatric disorders, then to people who are just ‘tired of life’. Finally even to children. Darwinian medical ethics completely taken over these lands. If we can put our dogs to sleep, why not our children? No one is sacred in their worldview.

I told you previously that what they start with cancer patients does not stop with them. ‘The culture of death’ soon consumes all groups.

Belgium already has very low birth rates. With euthanasia it might lose more children to assisted suicides.

What is troubling is many doctors in Belgium now consider it ‘a normal medical act’. Soon lay people also think that it is normal to go to your doctor and request a suicide treatment.

Folks, this is what happens when people leave God. Life is a gift of God that must be used for God and for ourselves till the moment God calls us Home. On the cross Jesus showed us that even an excruciatingly painful condition like cross has a meaning if you are with God in His plan. He will give you His grace and love to sustain pain and anxiety.

Atheist Annie Besant supported euthanasia back in 1885 in her book My Path to Atheism. Annie must be smiling in her grave. 135 years later it is spreading in godless communities. Atheist philosopher Albert Camus said, ‘there is only one really serious philosophical problem and that is suicide.

Nietzsche said, “People will bear any suffering as long as there is meaning in their suffering”. Atheism sees no meaning in suffering. Life seems bearable only as long as it is pleasurable. Once suffering starts, atheist thinks it is better to wrap it up because there is nothing more to suck out of life. There is nothing beyond death, so let me finish it before it gets more painful. In contrast, Christian sees meaning even in suffering, death is only a door to enter into the presence of Christ.

Belgium and other European nations are rapidly leaving God and turning to atheism and secularism. Physician assisted suicide and physician assisted heroin injections…these are the results of a worldview devoid of God and the hope of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Atheists really think euthanasia is showing kindness to other people. Their kindness is not the same as Christian kindness. Their worldview is devoid of God’s grace.

Let us pray with a heavy heart that God may touch Belgium with a fresh pouring of His Holy Spirit and the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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