Ken Ham: Atheism & Kids

Ken Ham, the President of influential Answers in Genesis ministries tweeted yesterday about atheism’s impact on kids. Since atheists like John Dewey had taken over public schools a generation or two ago, the atheistic materialistic philosophy has already been the main staple of public education.

The secularists have been teaching kids, ‘this universe has no Creator, it is an accident, life is an accident, human beings are an accident, there are no objective moral values, you can start to have sex with any one you like, boy or a girl or both does not matter, life is ultimately meaningless’

This materialistic philosophy has been wreaking havoc. We have highest rates of depression, anxiety, sexual harassment, profanity, sexually transmitted disease, teen suicide, school shootings, abortions coupled with lowest academic achievements. Kids are walking through metal detectors and are partaking in mock school shooting drills.

Life is more meaningful with God our Creator. His laws are for our good. His laws give us the best moral direction than any other system this world has devised. The Lord Jesus Christ gives you hope which goes beyond the grave. His self-less living and sacrifice provide highest moral values than any other moral philosophy.

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