American Atheist Group attacks Senator Jason Rapert

Atheist group American Atheists filed a law suit against Alabama state senator Jason Rapert, who has been fighting hard to pass a bill to display ‘In God We Trust’ in all Arkansas public school classrooms and libraries, and to erect Ten Commandments monument on Capitol grounds.

Every Christian should be influenced by Mr. Jason’s example. I heard today that a Turkish atheist organization has been shut down due to government pressure. In Turkey, Islam has no place for dissent. Atheists cannot speak out in that nation. In America, Christianity has made place for the dissent. Ironically, atheists enjoy freedom in America due to it’s Christian heritage, which they constantly attack.

Christianity will survive against all atheist attacks, because this faith is founded upon Lord Jesus Christ, who conquered death, grave and sin. Let us pray for Senator Jason Rapert. May God bless his efforts.



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