Francis Chan: Take Off Your Ravi Zacharias jacket

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Francis Chan spoke at Texas Motor Speedway for Together 2018 and gave us very profound insights:

“Satan knows if you actually believed in the power within you — that you’ll have the power to look another human being in the eyes, your friends, your family, and tell them the greatest thing that’s happened to you and of the forgiveness that is found in Jesus Christ”

“You keep believing, ‘no, I need someone else. I need a life jacket. Give me my John Piper life jacket, give me my Hillsong life jacket, give my Ravi Zacharias life jacket,'”

“We’re kept afloat by all these other things, and you don’t realize you can swim. You can be witnesses.”

“That’s why Satan’s going to do everything he can to keep this from happening, to keep everyone just staring at their phones”. “Satan wants you isolated. He doesn’t want you in close proximity with your brothers and sisters.”

There is a lot of truth in Chan’s words. Instead of surrendering ourselves to the leadership, formation and experience of the Holy Spirit we rely on ‘life jackets’ like John Piper, Norman Geisler or Ravi Zacharias to keep our faith afloat as attacks from New Atheists and others increase on our faith.

The apostles in the New Testament relied on the Word of God, Holy Spirit, Prayer and Preaching to win their world. We are not going to win our world without the same divine weapons.

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