A Muslim School Teacher finds Jesus, the last and the greatest Prophet of God


Everyone who asks receives and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened Matthew 7:8

A schoolteacher reported, “During my teacher training I struck up a friendship with another student teacher.  She was religious and like myself, she came originally from North Africa. She spoke a lot about God which often caused heated debates and constantly explained to me why she had become a Christian.  That bewildered me.

For a Muslim becoming a Christian means giving up everything. History, culture and faith are closely bound together for us. My friend had betrayed her own identity and her God.

For a long time, I considered her lost. On my husband’s advice, however, I invited her to visit us so that I could help her. That caused more inflamed discussions but how was I to criticize the religion that Idid not know? I decided to read the Bible and became engrossed in the gospels. Until then Jesus had been merely a Prophet among many for me. Yet he suddenly began to fascinate me. Reading the New Testament, I had some difficulties yet astonishingly I easily understood the connection.

I got into a conflict. Seeking truth in a faith was strictly forbidden outside my own religion. That crisis was so severe that I could not sleep and had no appetite – until the night when I asked God in a prayer “Where are you to be found? in the Quran or in the Bible? Do tell me.”

Then the scales fell from my eyes, since I was prepared to listen to the living God. He gave me assurance. That night I found inner peace and became happy. Jesus was the way!

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