Harvey Weinstein: Seriousness of Sin

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Justice James A. Burke gave 23 years in prison to Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood movie producer. Mr.Weinstein was convicted for sexual assaults and harassment against six women, although dozens of women accused him of those crimes.

Flashback….decades ago, sitting in his producer chair in Hollywood, Mr.Weinstein probably thought that as a wealthy and influential producer he could get away with women, who approach him for a favor. He could attend to his sexual desires while offering them roles in his movie productions. He probably never thought that this day would come when he would be given 23 years in prison. He underestimated the seriousness of his sins.

We tend to underestimate the seriousness of sin in our lives. God sends unrepentant sinners to hell to serve a sentence for….an eternity. We shrug our shoulders and say, ‘Is sin that serious?’. Yes, our sins are serious matter. If we die in our sins, we go to hell…an eternal hell.

At the cross, we learn the horribleness of sin, that the Son of God had to lay down His life to pay the penalty of our sins. If you are unrepentant of your sins, you should come to the cross, realize the seriousness of your sins and ask Lord Jesus to forgive you and pardon you.  He promises that He forgives all our sins.

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