Barbara Smoker: An Eternity in Hell


Barbara Smoker, Britain’s longest serving atheist activist is now dead. She detested God, Christianity and its moral ethics. In 1964, she famously asked, ‘Why shouldn’t the unmarried women have children?’. Well, God in the Bible limited all forms of sexuality between a man and woman united in a marriage. Any thing outside of this union is sinful in the sight of God. Needless to say, unmarried women should not have children because unmarried women should not have sex.

This Biblical view of sexuality riled Barbara. She declared herself an atheist and campaigned all her life against Christian view of human sexuality. She never asked God for forgiveness of her sins and died as an unsaved person. She never accepted Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. So, it is sad to say, she went to spend an eternity in hell.

Barbara, you wasted your long life of 96 years in this world without taking a moment to realize your sinfulness and lostness. You never repented of your sins.  I feel sorry for you.

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