China discriminates Africans. Does God really exist? 

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Both Washington Post and New York Times report that Africans are being discriminated in China. They are denied entry into restaurants like Mc Donald’s, housing projects and other living facilities. Why is racism such a problem in China? Actually, it is a problem all over the world. Now, can you tackle this problem using atheism?

An atheist might say, ‘Our Western values say all people should be treated equally. Racism is evil’. The Chinese would ask, ‘This is the East. We don’t have to respect your Western values’. The atheist might shout back, ‘No, according to our Enlightenment values, all people are equal’. The Chinese would say, ‘So, what? why should we respect values originated in the Enlightenment three hundred years ago? We have no obligation. That is Europe. This is China’. 

If atheism is true, the Chinese has no obligation to treat non-Chinese equally. They can say, in this survival of the fittest, we just want to take care of our own people. There is no basis for human rights in atheism or Darwinian evolution. You must need the God of the Bible. God created human beings in His image. That is why we ought to and are obligated to treat each other equally. Current pandemic speaks more clearly for our need to turn to God and Lord Jesus Christ. 

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