Pallekona Orphanage visited

This young man when he was a child was adopted by my father. My father conceived the vision for Pallekona Orphanage while attending this young man’s mother’s funeral

My father treated Pallekona Orphanage like a precious child. Almost 40 years ago, my father K.Yohan had to attend the funeral of a dear young sister who died suddenly. Her husband came to the grave side with two little children in his arms. Those two little children were crying over the casket of their dead mother. They were hungry and emaciated.

    It broke my father’s heart to see those orphan children. Standing beside that casket, he made a simple prayer to the Lord, “Lord, please help us to start an orphanage to take care of children of people like this young woman whose body is before me”. After many years of prayers, the Lord opened the doors to establish Pallekona Orphanage. Many donors from Germany and Switzerland like Daniel Hauber came forward to help construct the buildings for orphans and poor children. 

     My father spent every day in Pallekona to oversee the construction of this orphanage. He gave each one of us some responsibility to help with the orphanage. I was just enrolled in medical school. He told me, “Paul, please take the sick children from the orphanage to your hospital”. So, I started to do my part in providing the medical treatments to the orphans. Thousands and thousands of orphan and poor children were fed, clothed and given education in Pallekona Orphanage over the years. Nothing gave my father more joy than seeing these little children having a good time. 

   On the main building, he had huge letters etched across the edifice: JEHOVAH JIREH, which means The Lord will see or The Lord will provide. I often asked my father, “Daddy, how will you provide for these children in the future?” He would say, “Paul, look across the building. What do you read?”. I would reply, “JEHOVAH JIREH”. He would say, “that answers your question. The Lord will provide for the needs of these children”. 

   Sadly, this great work my dad started filled individuals like Ronny Fernandes with jealousy. Soon after it’s foundation, Ronny Fernandes started to eject the bile from his heart. He railed against my father and instigated others against him. He swore that he would never visit Pallekona again. The foreign brothers from Germany, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Canada and the United States supported this orphanage and school with their generous donations. For that we are grateful. 

   When the German brothers demanded the ownership of Pallekona Orphanage, my father did not accept it. My father wrote in a letter, ‘When they came to Pallekona, they told me, ‘We are here only to serve the assemblies, we have no interest in taking over the Orphanage’, but a few years later they came to me and said, ‘We want to take over the management of Pallekona Orphanage’. My father did not like this dishonest approach. He also did not like the Germans encircling themselves with corrupt Indians who were swallowing up Lord’s money. The Germans were enraged by my father’s refusal. They heartlessly orchestrated the cessation of all funding going to the Pallekona Orphanage. They did not mind 400 orphan and poor children going into starvation. They would only care for their goals.

   In the last months of his life, my father was suffering from multiple myeloma. I once asked him, “How are you dad?”. He said, “More than the pain of this cancer, my heart is aching for Pallekona Orphanage”. He was in tears when he said those words. The final words on his lips on the hospital bed before he died were, “Please take care of the children”. 

   During my recent visit to India, I held a medical camp for the poor. A young man came and sat in the examination chair. He asked me, “Do you remember me? I am the son of that young sister, in whose funeral your father determined to start an orphanage”. This young man spent all his boyhood and school years at Pallekona orphanage and school and now sells Bibles to spread the good news. My heart was filled with joy to see such young men and women who were taken care of at Pallekona Orphanage. 

   There are no foreign donations to Pallekona Orphanage at this time. In Pallekona I have 3 acres of land where we harvested 50 bags of rice during the past year. I donated these 50 bags of rice to feed the orphan and poor children. Please pray that the good work my father started will continue in Pallekona. Please do not listen to the misinformation spread by individuals who never shared the vision of brother K.Yohan. 

  Let us come together to take care of the poor children among us. Let us continue the vision God gave to Bro.K.Yohan to feed the poor and to care for the widows and fatherless. You can donate online today. 

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