Mike Huckabee: tweet mocking Asian-Americans or Big Corp? Beth Moore is angry.

Welcome back to Defenders Voice. This is Paul Kattupalli. Thank you for joining us today. In today’s episode, we are going to talk about Mike Huckabee’s tweet. He wrote, 

I’ve decided to “identify” as Chinese. Coke will like me, Delta will agree with my “values” and I’ll probably get shoes from Nike & tickets to @MLB games.  Ain’t America great?

The media is very angry at Mike Huckabee. They said, he is mocking Asian-Americans. He is fueling hatred towards Asian-Americans. 

If you look at his tweet, he is not mocking Chinese-Americans. He is mocking the Big Tech, the Big Sports and the Big Business. He is mocking their hypocrisy. Chinese Communist Party suppresses human rights on a more egregious level than Republican governors. How many of these Big Businesses criticize the Chinese Communist Party? 

   China is preparing to attack Taiwan? Can Coke tell them to stop? China is committing genocide on Uighur Muslims. Can Delta criticize China? China is suppressing democracy movements in Hong Kong? I challenge the NBA to criticize China and support Hong Kong. China is suppressing Christians. Can Hollywood criticize China and ask for more liberties for Christians in China? 

Mike Huckabee’s point was:’ If I say I am Chinese Communist Party, these big businesses would love me, say nothing about my values. They kiss my fingers because they love money. I give them access to 1.5 billion Chinese customers.’

   Beth Moore did not get the sarcasm of Mike Huckabee. Now, Republicans in Georgia are passing election laws. What can we do about it? 

There should be an independent Election Commission to oversee all elections. In this area, America can learn from India. India has the largest democratic elections in the world. It has over 1 billion people, more than 4 times the population of the United States. Yet, election results in India are not contested in the courts. All political parties in India trust the election process because they have confidence in the Election Commission. When I vote in India, I go to the polling station with my ID. They look at my ID and will allow me inside. By the way, Delta airlines also asked me to show me my ID before I boarded their plane. 

If you are too dumb to carry your ID with you, you should not vote. That is an insult to democracy. There is nothing racist about asking people to show their identification card. I have a medical practice. Patients of all backgrounds come to me with their medical problems. When they arrive we have a registration process. You should show your ID during the registration. What if you impersonate like someone else to get a prescription? I do DOT physicals for truck drivers. It is a government requirement to check their ID before I do a physical on them. That helps to protect our highways. So, there is nothing racist about showing your ID when you go to vote. 

     Another myth is America is the most racist nation in the world. Racism is a sin. The Bible says every human being is created equally by God in his own image. A racist is violating that first truth of human creation. In Darwinism racism is permitted because as Richard Dawkins put it we are all animals dancing to our DNA. Animals don’t treat each other with equality and respect. Equality and respect for others make sense only in the presence of God, our creator. A racist says, I am greater than him or her, they are not equal to me. America has racism at different levels because it is populated with sinners like any other nation in the world. But by world standards, America gives you a less discriminatory experience. Asian-Americans enjoy more safety in America than even in Asian countries. If you are a Uighur Muslim, you are better off in America than in China. If you are a Tibetan, you are better off in America than in China. If you are a Christian in Egypt, you are better off in America than in Egypt. If you are a Shiite Muslim in Saudi Arabia, you are better off in America than in Saudi Arabia. If you are a low caste person in India, you are better off in America than in India. If you are an Ahmadi in Pakistan, you are better off in America than in Pakistan because in Pakistan Ahmadis are hunted down as heretics and apostates by fellow Muslims. They enjoy more freedoms in America. 

     So we need a balance here. So, the Big Business is not showing the balance. Would they cancel games to protest the massacre of innocent babies in our abortion clinics? Would they protest their greed? Jesus told the richman, ‘sell all your wealth and give it to the poor? You sign multi million dollar contracts. Give that money to the poor for the glory of God. 

  So, Mike Huckabee was only calling out the hypocrisy of our Big Businesses. There is nothing racist about his tweet. 

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