RZIM Apologist Amy Orr-Ewing Speaks Out – Finally!

RZIM Apologist Amy Orr-Ewing speaks out, Finally! 

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     In today’s episode I would like to discuss an article written by Dr.Amy Orr-Ewing in Christianity Today magazine. She is among the most prominent apologists in the UK today. 

 Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing is president of The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA), and was a senior vice president with RZIM. She was the director of the Zacharias Trust, the European headquarters of RZIM. 

    If you take a look at this article in CT, Amy titled it, From the Empty Tomb to Today’s Abuse: Believe Women. The first sentence was, ‘The central facts of the Christian faith were all primarily witnessed by women.’ 

Then she wrote, 

In the past few months I have been living in the eye of a storm of trauma, dismay, and profound grief as new allegations of abuse have battered the apologetics organization I previously served with, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. 

     Revelations of Ravi Zacharias’s abuse of multiple women are horrendous, and the catastrophic fallout of his wretched duplicity has impacted so many.

     But back in 2017, when Lori Anne Thompson came forward with her testimony about sexual abuse at Ravi’s hands, she was not believed. I could rehearse in detail what happened internally, in the global organization, including how some women in the organization did raise serious questions about Ravi’s explanations and were misled, pressured, and persuaded to accept the official narrative. I have apologized unreservedly to Lori Anne and her husband, Brad, and I do so here again publicly.

    Devastating consequences flowed from people not listening to the testimony of a woman—consequences I witnessed and endured firsthand, even as I have had to examine and confess my own complicity.

     The question that came to my mind was why did Amy take so long to apologize to these victims? She came out during Easter. What about others? Do we have to wait till Christmas for others to speak out? 

     In this article, Amy says, we must believe women. Because the story of the gospel is the story of women. The incarnation is the story of a woman. The atonement was witnessed by women. The burial and resurrection of Christ was witnessed by women. Amy says, I have had to examine and confess my own complicity. 

    Now, I have these questions for you. What is your complicity in this matter? What did you know? When did you know? How did you know? What did you do with that knowledge? What stopped you from going to Ravi and confronting him? 

    Amy did not tell us why she chose not to believe the victims of Ravi. She quoted Dorothy Sayers in this article. Amy did a Ph.D on the apologetics of Dorothy Sayers. Dorothy Sayers was a friend of C.S.Lewis, G.K.Chesterton and J.R.R.Tolkien. 

    She wrote great detective novels with Christian themes. She also fought for women’s rights. She fought against abuse of women. Amy did a Ph.D on Dorothy Sayers, yet did not show any qualities we find in Dorothy Sayers. 

     If you listen to her speeches, Amy often talks about her bravery. She says she went to Afghanistan when it was controlled by the Taliban. She went through gunned checkpoints and interviewed Taliban leaders at secret military headquarters. She was surrounded by guards holding AK – 47 machine guns. 

     She gave a Bible to a terrorist leader. When I heard it, I thought such a fearless woman who did not care for Islamic terrorists. But, why was she afraid of Ravi Zacharias? She did not explain. If Amy had shown the courage she often brags about, lot of victims of Ravi Zacharias would have been saved. 

     One day I was in my medical office. One of my patients showed up. She is a very pleasant woman. She complained of migraines. I gave her a prescription for migraines. She came back in two weeks. 

    She told me her headaches did not go away. I gave her a new prescription. She came back a month later. She told me even the new prescription did not help her. I probed more into her daily life. You have been a very pleasant person. All of a sudden you started to look depressed, you got migraine headaches, prescriptions I gave you are not working, what is going on? 

     She became tearful and told me that someone has been abusing her. I was shocked to hear her story. I took my phone and called the police. In 10 minutes the police were in my office. They booked the case, arrested the abuser. She thanked me, the police thanked me for reporting it because that phone call helped them to stop the abuser from abusing more women. 

     As a doctor I have that responsibility. If I see a woman being abused, if I see a child being abused, my first responsibility is to believe it and report it to the police. 

   Being the ministers of the gospel, Amy and her colleagues at RZIM have a much higher responsibility. Why didn’t she call the police when the first victims reached out to her? We would like to know. 

      Virgin Mary knew that the real king of the Jews would be born soon. Why did King Herod choose not to believe it? Because he loved power. 

     When Pontus Pilate was judging Jesus, his own wife sent him a message: Jesus is a Goodman , don’t fail him. 

     But Pilate chose not to believe her. He did not beleive his own wife. Why? Because he loved power. If he deliver justice to Jesus, he would lose his governorship. 

     After the resurrection, Mary Magdalene and other women were not believed by the high priests, Annas  and Caiaphas. Why did they choose not to believe those women? Because they loved their power, popularity and money. 

    My question to Amy is, why did you choose not to believe the women who reported on Ravi? Ravi gave you popularity, power and money. Did they influence your decision? I would like to know. 

So, Amy, please  come out and tell people what really happened in the RZIM. 

    We want more details. The information you provide will help us why Christian organizations and churches have been failing to protect women for the predatory men in the leadership positions. 

I would like to do an interview with you. Please send me an email info@doctorpaul.org.

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  1. So is Ravi guilty or not? Sometimes you make it sound like he is and other times you don’t know fort sure..

    1. I clearly said he sinned but I doubt he raped any one in the legal sense of the word

  2. As a fellow medical Dr, I respectfully suggest that what made the difference between you – in raising the alarm on behalf of your patient – and Amy – in not propagating the alarm about Ravi – is that she had a long term, close professional relationship with him.

    It is usually harder to see the truth about someone when you already know them well. When we are outsiders in clinical roles, it is easier to be objective and raise the alarm.

    Please do not be so quick to tar this woman of God who speaks so powerfully of God’s love for women. She was a secondary victim in this shameful business herself, as Ravi was her mentor. The fallout of one man’s sexual sin has been immense.

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