Covid Vaccine & Mark of the Beast

Welcome back to Defenders Voice. This is Dr.Paul. Greetings to you in the wonderful name of our great Savior Jesus Christ. I am talking to you directly from our medical center because this is an important message. Some of you are getting upset at me. Remember this is an opinion channel. Whatever boils my heart I speak about it. So, don’t lose your peace. I need to challenge your thinking and you should challenge my thinking.

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  In this episode, I would like to discuss this New York Times article on Christians refusing Covid vaccines. That is tragic, of all people, Christians should be the first ones accepting the Covid vaccine. The article mentions Eric Metaxas and Gene Bailey. They are tweeting and giving speeches discouraging people from getting the Covid vaccine: It is all about Big Government, it is to track your whereabouts, it is about controlling your life, it unveils the rule of the AntiChrist, it is the mark of the beast. These are complete lies. 

Eric Metaxas: he should not be an expert on everything in the world. He has Greek ancestry. Greeks are known for critical thinking. Gene Bailey goes further. He mixes Bible prophecy to his nonsense.  As Christians, we should learn critical thinking. Covid vaccine is a product of scientific method. Scientific method is a gift of God. Scientific method is the study of order in nature. Who put that order in nature? God. The laws of physics are like a software running this universe. The laws of biology are like a software running the biological world. The laws of genetics are like a software running the biomolecular world. Covid vaccine relied upon this genetic software God put inside the cells. DNA, RNA, Ribosomes, transcription, translation, protein formation…if you look at the genetic processes you will see the amazing mind of God. Covid vaccine was made possible because of this amazing order God put in the genetic world. 

        Recently one patient came to my medical office. I told him, ‘Take the Polio vaccine’. His reply was, ‘I never saw someone with polio’.  You never saw someone with polio? That’s the point. You never saw someone with polio because of the polio vaccine. Remember how FDR went around in a wheelchair. That is what polio did to him and countless millions of people. We eradicated polio using the polio vaccine. In the same way, we can eradicate this Covid Pandemic using Covid vaccine. 

     I am fighting the Covid Pandemic. I have been working in the frontlines since this Pandemic started. I treated and saved hundreds of people who got Covid. For the last one year, I have been spending 12 hours a day helping Covid patients. I have to wear this PPE covering all my body. When will I get a break? Only when most people take a vaccine. You should listen to highly trained medical professionals like myself when it comes to Covid vaccines. Those radio jacks spout all kinds of nonsense. Vaccines are life and death matters. 

    Covid vaccine is not about government control. There is nothing in the Covid vaccine which can track you. It’s not a GPS device. There is no Mark of the Beast on Covid vaccine. Mark of the Beast comes from the Antichrist. There is no Antichrist at this time in our world. These vaccines are not made from aborted fetal tissue. They do not weaken your immune system or your faith in God’s healing power. 

    Many pastors are afraid to speak about Covid vaccine. There is some selfishness in their silence. They think if they tell the truth about Covid vaccines, people may not like them. That’s selfishness. You should tell the truth whether people like you or not. Franklin Graham supported the vaccine. We should look to leaders like him. 

   So, please take the vaccine. I can tell you that is the will of God for all Christians at this time. 

That’s all for today. 

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