Ravi Zacharias’ son Nathan attacks RZIM’s cowardice

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In today’s episode, I would like to talk about Nathan Zacharias attacks on RZIM’s cowardice. If you look at this website www.defendingravi.com, he posted a post with the heading Abandoned Gospel. Abandoned Gospel. 

First, let me tell you something. I am doing a psychoanalytic study on the whole Ravi Zacharias’ scandal. How people behave under different circumstances and what does it tell us about human nature? That is the central focus of this study. I am doing this for my book on the life of Ravi. I am coming to this as a psychiatrist. I don’t take anybody’s side. I want to know the truth. 

Here, Nathan gives us an insider view. He says, “I worked at RZIM for a total of 15 years, and lived it for nearly 40. I sat through countless messages, then listened to and edited countless more through my work in their media department. It is safe to say my views of the Gospel were formed by listening to the entire team at RZIM.” 

So, Nathan listened to RZIM speakers all his life. He says, “I watched them tell people in the audience that they were not defined by their mistakes. I listened as they said that fact was not dependent on their repentance. I heard them say that regardless of what they did, God did not see them as their mistakes, even if consequences were necessary.”

These RZIM speakers told people, don’t define anyone by their mistakes. Now, Nathan asks them, ‘You hypocrites. That is what you told people. Then, why are you defining my dad Ravi by his mistakes?’ 

Then, he says, “No, that doesn’t mean you ignore possible sin. But it most certainly does mean that you do not condemn someone to a legacy known only as their sin.” 

Nathan is opening up. He implicitly acknowledges that there is the possibility of sin in the life of his famous father. But he is troubled by the fact that his dad’s legacy is defined only by his sins. 

Then, Nathan accuses them of playing a double game. He says, “I’ve had one person within RZIM tell me they still love my Dad. But he helped author a statement that wouldn’t even hint at the fact that there could still be love for my Dad. Not only have none of them had the courage to publicly say that they still love my Dad, they’ve embraced words and conclusions they privately doubt, like abuse and rape. They silence the love they supposedly feel, and preach the verdict that privately don’t. That’s not the Gospel I heard them preach.” Here, Nathan is condemning their duplicitous behavior. On the one hand privately, they come to Nathan and say, ‘Nathan, this is all so heartbreaking. I still love your dad. I really doubt these allegations. Rape? Abuse? Assault? What are they talking about? Stay strong, my boy, stay strong. This world is not fair.”On the other hand, publicly, they say, “Ravi Zacharias was a horrible man. I can’t believe I trusted his words. He fooled me. He lied to me. I am ashamed that I was with him all these years. I apologize to all his victims.”

This is not right folks. This is what is wrong with evangelical leaders today. They are putting two faces. One in the private and one in the public. I told you many months ago what Nathan told you today. RZIM is behaving in a very selfish way. They threw Ravi under the bus and ran away from him as fast as they could. That is not right. 

  Truth and justice go together. There cannot be justice without truth. We see their interaction in the trial of our Lord Jesus Christ. They accused Jesus of blasphemy. He told them the truth. He is the Son of God. He is the Messiah. It is true. Truth is correspondence to reality. But they denied it. They said, ‘this is blasphemy. Jesus must die for it’. Pilate knew the truth, that Jesus was innocent of the crimes he was accused of. His own wife also reached out to him, calling Jesus a righteous man. Yet, he ignored it and condemned Jesus to death penalty. 

  Pilate displayed two faces. Privately he believed that Jesus was innocent. Yet, publicly he sentenced Jesus to death penalty because that was what people wanted him to do. 

That was what those in power wanted him to do. Jesus did not get justice because Pilate had no courage to take a stand for the truth. 

   Now, I am not saying Ravi is as innocent as Jesus. My point is if you believe Ravi is guilty, tell that to the world. If you believe he is innocent, tell that to the world. Don’t be duplicitous. Don’t give a calculated response based on how your words affect your popularity. Nathan is watching you. 

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