Atheist in Kenya dumps Sam Harris, embraces Jesus

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Today’s question: Kenyan Atheist Seth Mahiga sent his resignation as Secretary of Atheists in Kenya. What happened to him? 

    When you look at America, England and other Western nations, you see many young people leaving God and becoming atheists. But that is not the full story. Around the world, millions of young people are coming to Jesus. In countries like Kenya, even atheists are coming to Jesus. Why did this atheist leader resign? The president of this atheist organization released an official statement saying, ‘Seth’s reason for resigning is that he has found Jesus Christ and is no longer interested in promoting atheism in Kenya’. 

           This atheist leader found Jesus. That is the best thing anyone can do in his or her life. Finding our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Jesus is the way, without him you are lost 

Jesus is the truth, without him you are living a lie 

Jesus is the life, without him you are dead 

Jesus is the light, without him you are living in darkness 

Jesus is the hope, without him you have no hope. 

   These atheists in Kenya have been promoting Sam Harris’ arguments for atheism in Kenya. Sam Harris has a PhD in neuroscience. He brandished himself as a scientist. He talks a lot about neuroscience, brain development, functional MRIs and morality. His main argument is that we can be moral without God using science, technology and rationality. Let us see how it works. 

Can science give us morality? 

When I was in medical school, one day I was attending a class in Obstetrics. Our professor was talking about controlling blood sugar using insulin. He said, when you use insulin you should be very careful. You should always double check the dose. If you give 20 units instead of 2 units, that could kill a patient. If there is hyperglycemia, you can treat it with an adequate amount of insulin and save the patient’s life. But if you give more than needed, the patient will go into hypoglycemia, which could be fatal. Then he told us about a medical student who used this knowledge for nefarious purposes. He wanted to get rid of his girlfriend’s husband. He went to their home with an insulin syringe one night and when her husband was sleeping, he gave him insulin and killed him. They tried to show it as a natural death but the truth came out in the autopsy. 

Insulin does not tell you what you should do with it. Our scientists worked hard to create artificial insulin. But what should we do with it? Medical science does not tell us what we should do with medical science: to save lives or destroy lives. Our a priori, our pre-existing values tell us how to use medical science. Medical science will not give us values. This is true with every branch of science. 

Can technology give us morality? 

   Let us take a look at the most beautiful product of technology today, the airplane. What do you want to do with the plane? Do you want to load it with medicines and transport them to sick people around the world? Or do you want to fly the plane into a skyscraper? You will decide it. The plane won’t tell you what you should do with it. Aeronautical technology will not tell you what you should do with the technology. During the Second World War, who had the best technology in the world? The Nazis. Which government had the best artificial intelligence today? The Communist Party of China. They have been using face recognition technology to identify Uighur Muslims and send them to prison camps. Our a priori, our pre-existing values tell us what we should do with the technology. 

Can rationality give us morality? 

  I have been treating Covid patients for the last 16 months. I have limited resources at my disposal. The number of beds, medications and oxygen cylinders. Sometimes I had 5 patients for one bed. Patients come from all age groups. Infants, children, middle aged, elderly and terminally ill. Let us say, there is one bed and two patients. One patient is 30 years-old. Another patient is 70 years old. Who should get the hospital bed? In Italy, many doctors gave the bed to the 30 years-old because saving his life would be more beneficial to the society because he will be productive and useful to the society if he survives this pandemic. As you prepare to give that bed to the 30 year-old patient, let us say a little boy came running to you. He is crying. He says, ‘Doctor, please give the bed to the 70 year old. She is my grandma. Let her live.’ 

   If you want to stop that little boy crying, you should give the bed to his grandma. If his grandma survives the pandemic and lives another 20 years, she is not going to be a productive member of society. She will consume precious medicare and social security funds. But if the young man lives, he will make money and pay taxes into the treasury. Who should live? It depends on values. If you value money, the most reasonable thing is to give the bed to the young patient. If productivity does not matter,  the most reasonable thing to do is to give the bed to grandma. Reason depends on values. It cannot give us values. Rationality will not tell you what you should do with rationality. 

    If I am hungry, what should I eat? A delicious Chicken curry? Or not so tasty vegetable curry? If I value taste, the most reasonable thing is to eat chicken curry. If I value health, the most reasonable thing is to eat vegetable curry. Reason does not tell us what we should choose. So, our a priori values, our pre-existing values tell us how to use reason. Reason does not give us any values. 

      So, Sam Harris’ argument that science, technology and rationality can give us objective moral values falls flat on its face. In fact, David Hume destroyed it 300 years ago in Scotland with a simple yet shocking statement: It is not contrary to reason to prefer the destruction of the whole world to the scratching of my finger. 

    Either God or man can give us absolute moral values. Can man give us absolute moral values? Immanuel Kant said, ‘Yes, he can’. The German philosopher said we don’t need God for absolute moral values. Man can decide what is moral and immoral. 

    Adolf Eichman oversaw the killings of millions of people during the Second World War. After the War, Eichmann escaped to Argentina in 1958 and settled there. He was captured in 1960 by Israel’s secret service. They smuggled him out of Argentina and took him to Israel. Eichman stood trial before a special court  in Jerusalem.The trial lasted  for more than three months. It was the first televised trial in the history of the world. 

        At one point, Eichmann describes that he read Immanuel Kant’s The Critique of Practical Reason, and he was following the Categorical Imperative, absolute obedience to the law and the law giver. Kant spoke about absolute law, the Categorical Imperative. But he removed God from active role in this world. Eichmann believed in absolute law. But it did not come from God. It came from Hitler. 

    Robert Servatius, the defense attorney for Eichmann, said, ‘Eichmann feels guilty before God, not before the law’. You see Eichman did not break any laws. He did not break German law or American law or Israel law. He is not guilty under any nation’s laws. He is guilty only if God exists. If you make human beings as the authors of absolute moral laws, you won’t know where you end up. It could be Gandhi or Adolf Eichman. So, Sam Harris – this good looking Jewish boy should know where Kant’s philosophy took Germany in the last century. He should not be taking us back to Immanuel Kant. 

  So, science, technology and rationality cannot give us absolute moral values. For absolute moral values, we should look to God. Where can we find God? God visited this planet two years ago as Lord Jesus Christ. It was a brief visit but he told us what we needed to hear from God. He told us what should be the objective moral values we should live by. So, you should come to Lord Jesus Christ, confess your sins and accept him as your Lord and Savior. He will guide your path in your moral life. 

   So, this Kenyan atheist Seth Mahiga did a good thing by looking through ther bankruptcy of the atheistic worldview and coming and finding our great Savior, Lord Jesus Christ. Seth said, ‘the Bible says that every knee shall bow at the name of Jesus’. Every knee shall bow at the name of Jesus. You better bow your knee in love and respect now than in the future in fear and trepidation. Ok, folks, that’s all for today. Please subscribe to our channel, share this video, like it and share your comments. Thank you, God bless you. 


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